Big Box of Garden!

So, that happened. I thought the big box was a lost cause, but my mom totally saved it at the last minute (meaning yesterday) by providing good soil and cow poop to fill it up. I planted this afternoon, and I’ll be adding more tomatoes next week — as well as planting cucumbers in a huge plastic tub, as I did last year. This is going to be awesome; if you want to keep up, this year’s garden album is here, and I seem to write/photograph garden stuff a lot on Twitter.

Damn, I’m excited. Last year’s paltry little container garden went from this to this with a side of this; this year’s garden has 32 cubic feet of high-quality amended soil in which to spread. My goal is to grow a 5-ft tomato plant and/or harvest over 200 tomatoes by summer’s end. Oh, and to spend every single summer morning with dirt under my fingernails. Mmmm.

As an aside, how cool is it that last year’s planting and this year’s planting occurred exactly a year and a day apart? And also, how lame is it that my grass is patchy, my old pots are scattered about, and Connor’s “baby” playset is still lurking dustily about? Sigh. Next step: cleaning up my damn yard.


3 Responses to Big Box of Garden!

  1. Look at you leaping ahead in the garden competition! You cheating hussy, it’s like you live in the land of sunny days or something! ;)

  2. sarawr says:

    Alas, if this were an official competition, I’d totally be disqualified — my cat killed my original seedlings, so I went out at the last moment and bought starter plants instead. I’m thinking of direct-sowing my heirloom tomato seeds into a large pot for kicks, but there’s no guarantee that it’d work, and if it did it’d certainly put me several weeks behind!

    Rest easy, dude. You are this year’s clear winner. Besides, you have actual beds (which are looking pretty awesome, by the way), whereas I have a gigantic plywood box. :P

  3. sarawr says:

    Also, I am a moron. Those are Bonnie Grape tomatoes, not Bonnie Cherry. Durr hurr derp derp.

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