Wife, mommy, independent contractor, crazy owner of eight cats and one guinea pig.  Terrible at writing self-synopses.  Great at stressing over misplaced antecedents, growing tomatoes, playing with makeup, and teaching children inappropriate-yet-funny phrases.  A little obsessed with gardening, historical novels, bad and/or underappreciated TV shows, and Superman. Big words, little website.  Let’s break it down:

Wife to awesome husband named Michael.  He works with meat.  Let’s all agree not to snicker at that unless it’s Tuesday.

Mommy to gorgeous, crazy four-year-old boy named Connor.  He does not work with meat, but does enjoy avant-garde noodle creations.  He likes Star Wars, building things, Spiderman, and books.  I tried to avoid corporate branding but he had other plans.

Independent contractor for ChaCha and anyone else who hires me. I like the ChaCha job and it leaves me time to pick up an editing job here or a site design gig there. It also leaves me time to read piles of books and edit Schizodigestive, sometimes.

Owner of eight cats.  And a guinea pig, but let’s focus on the cats.  ALL EIGHT OF THEM.  To my mind that is about five too many.  Unfortunately, the husband does not agree.  

 I hope, someday, to earn so much money from my fabulous freelance gigs that I can take myself away from all of this.  (Except for the kid and the husband.  I guess they can come too.)  I live in New Mexico, so we’ll just wait to see how that goes.

OH AND BY THE WAY:  My name is Sara, I’m in my 20s, and I almost forgot that those are things you might need to know.


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  1. scruffy says:


    I mean, seriously. It explains a lot.

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