Another local legend and [her] longtime lucky charm.*

I just completed 24 hours without a single cigarette. I think it’s the first time I’ve done so in at least 6 years, possibly 8 years.

The Chantix seems to be doing its thing. I feel okay. I have vague moments of “hey, I kind of want a cigarette,” but they’re far more behavioral than physical, and they pass. I don’t feel angry or head-fogged like I usually do when I go more than a few hours without nicotine. I feel… fine.

I didn’t follow the instructions explicitly, because I am pathologically incapable of doing so. Instead, I cut back my smoking during the first week, continued cutting back during the second week (which I am almost at the end of right now). I was supposed to stop cold on the 14th, but I kept smoking, although only smoking about 1/3 of what I had before. I told myself that it was okay not to quit, that even cutting way back was good — mostly as a self-soothing mechanism when I started to panic about dropping my last real crutch/vice.

Then today, my 6th day on the higher dose of Chantix, I woke up and didn’t really feel like smoking. So I didn’t. The day passed, and I still didn’t feel like smoking. And here I am, 24 hours after my last cigarette, still not really feeling like smoking.

Why yes, I would like a round of applause. It’s not a great feat of will (the Chantix apparently takes care of the willpower), but it’s scary and very cool anyway.

* Bon Jovi.

ETA: I still might smoke at some point in future. I am not a saint, and really, even if I do just cut back to one or two or three per day, that is still better than 30 per day. So, you know. All this accomplishment could be… not for naught, exactly, but not a harbinger of the rest of my life either. Still, 24 hours!


6 Responses to Another local legend and [her] longtime lucky charm.*

  1. Marina says:


    All small steps are huge achievements when it comes to something like cutting down on smoking. And even if you don’t quit, like you say, 3 a day is infinitely better than 30. A. smokes 1-2 a day and I used to badger him so much about quitting until I met his mum who can sometimes smoke up to 50 a day. As long as he doesn’t smoke anywhere near the baby (or should that be toddler now? Eek!), I’ve learnt to live with 1-a-day ;)

  2. RockyCat says:

    A great big round of applause comin’ at ya!

    Getting past the fear of quitting is the hardest part. You’re on your way!

  3. Alicia says:

    I will give you hella applause. Seriously, that is awesome and I am so happy for you. Every little step is awesome and 2 or 3 a day is absolutely better than 30.

    Shit, I haven’t smoked seriously in 4 years but every great once in a while, I will have a clove. Maybe a pack a year if that. And sure, it’s not perfect but like you, I’m not a saint but I’m still proud of my progress.


  4. Adri says:

    MAJOR applause, dude. More applause than you can shake a stick at.

  5. christine says:

    I’m quite impressed. I started my Chantix on Saturday, so I still have a few more days before I have to put my cigarettes down entirely. Even though they already taste horrible and I haven’t actually enjoyed one in a few days, it’s a scary thought. So congrats!

    Also, I *heart* Nathan Fillion/Dr. Horrible. The banner made me happy.

  6. sarawr says:

    That’s exactly how it went for me, christine — after a few days, cigarettes started to taste kind of like hot ashes… then my throat started burning when I smoked… then I was stubbing them out after only a few drags because they were so unpleasant… then one day I didn’t bother lighting up.

    It’s not so scary once you get there, I promise! You’re going to do great. :)

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