Making The Effort

Making The Effort, originally uploaded by sarawr_again.

I looked like this at a kid’s birthday party last night. It was nice and all, but damn, I remember now why I gave up on all that blowdryer/makeup/jewelry/coordinating outfits crap years ago.

Posted for posterity, so that someday I can look back and think, “I don’t need to brush my hair today, I did it once in 2009.”


6 Responses to Making The Effort

  1. Anne says:

    nice! I wish so much hair didn’t keep coming out when I brushed mine… when is all the hair I didn’t lose while pregnant going to finally be gone – he’s 5 months old on Thursday!!!! (not losing clumps btw, just loose hairs, too darn many of them)

    Garden blog of a friend of a friend, if you’re interested:

  2. Re says:

    You’ve lose weight! You look good with your hair and such. Hottie Gewoness. btw, happy belated birthday. I did not forget it was the end of the month. :)

  3. Alicia says:

    God you’re so pretty.

  4. slightlyscruffy says:

    THE FINAL VICTORY OF FERAL HAIR!! (Also, what skye said.)

  5. sarawr says:

    Dude, that was like the ANTITHESIS of feral hair. It didn’t translate as well as I would have liked in the pics, but that was a sleek and <tamed hairstyle. And it only required moderately expensive conditioner, ridiculously expensive hair wax, a blowdryer, a flatiron, a big curling iron, two small round brushes, one big round brush, a paddle brush, two elastic bands, and eight pins to achieve!

  6. incrediblyscruffy says:

    I kinda meant more like, you were giving up on the whole hair thing.

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