On a pillow of bluebonnets, in a blanket made of stars.


I am up and about after one hour of sleep. One. Hour. As if to make up for the times a couple of weeks ago when I slept for more than five minutes, my insomnia has been steadily encroaching this week. Each night I’ve fallen asleep later and later, culminating in a sleep-time “last night” (actually this morning) of 7:45AM. It is now 8:45AM, Connor is awake, and I feel like the walking dead. If this continues as it’s begun, I will probably not sleep at all tonight and break down in hateful yelling at the bed by Saturday. Whee.

I am preparing for Michael’s trip to Denver tomorrow. Which is my birthday. Which is a trip I was supposed to be taking. Which has made us prohibitively broke for the month. Which means I’ll be doing exactly nothing for my birthday, except starting a four-day-long stretch of no husband, no car, no money. And did I mention that he’s going to stay with my grandmother for a night, visit my friends, and live it up in a swank hotel while attending an anime convention? Hate.

I am trying to figure out the rheumatologist thing, because my prescriptions are running low and I’d like to continue to be semi-functional and in only tolerable amounts of pain. This has turned out to be interestingly circular — I call the office, they tell me they have one appointment on Friday and no appointments for a month afterward, I ask if I can make pay arrangements, they tell me I shouldn’t make the appointment without up-front payment at hand, I tell them I can’t gather the money without the appointment, they tell me to hurry because there’s only one appointment free, I ask about payment arrangements again… Medical care is ridiculous. Are there any faith healers in the house?

I am going to feed my kid and attempt to convince him to play quietly in his room so I can sleep just a little bit more, which will probably turn out to be another circular exercise in futility. A pox upon thee, Wednesday. I just want to sleep.

*Dixie Chicks.


3 Responses to On a pillow of bluebonnets, in a blanket made of stars.

  1. Lissa says:

    So sorry you’re not sleeping. Insomnia sucks SO bad; sometimes beyond the telling of it, I know.

    Medical care does suck. Our country sucks big time in that regard. You don’t have insurance? Oh and you’re not rich enough to pay for medical care out of pocket? Sucks to be you! Basically.

    Hang in there, girl. Something’s gotta give eventually. :-/

  2. Anne says:

    um, what are bluebonnets?

    I am wishing your entire country a better medical system. Is that something Obama is trying to sort out?

  3. sarawr says:

    Bluebonnets are gorgeous flowers!

    As for the rest — yes, I imagine it is; but if we’re being honest here, Obama’s not approaching it in a particularly substantial way (at least not yet), and if he did, it likely wouldn’t work. So, you know. Baby steps, I guess.

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