It’s a good morning beautiful day.

Hello, lovelies! Today is a good day, would you like to know why? It started out with gorgeous weather (70F and sunny before 10:00AM). My seedlings are… well, they’re still not visible, but I sense that they’re happy. And when I checked my email, I discovered a press release from the lovely folks at eBeanstalk, who make lovely and exceptionally fun toys for kids.

My tendency is to ignore these sorts of things — I receive them occasionally, and they’re almost always either lame or irrelevant — but the difference here is that I like eBeanstalk. I’ve actually bought things from them before, things that Connor loved (for example, this most excellent smart phone). I know them well enough to feel comfortable telling you to go have a look. Also, they were kind enough to include a 15% off coupon for my readers (… hah), and I know that like a bajillion of you either just had kids or have had kids for a while and might need to jazz them up a little. (What? It’s okay to admit it.)

So, if you want to buy some awesome, fun, developmentally rockin’ toys, you can use coupon code TGS345 at the site, anytime between now and June 30th.

Tomorrow we resume our regular, non-commercial-shilling updates. I feel like kind of a doofus right now. (HAY GUYZ BUY THIS KEWL PRODUKT!) Catch you then!

(But seriously, I really do whole-heartedly encourage you to at least go look at the site. Great stuff, excellent service, and a discount! What could it hurt?)

*Keith Urban, oh God.


4 Responses to It’s a good morning beautiful day.

  1. Your seedlings aren’t yet visible?/!

  2. sarawr says:

    Alas, no! They haven’t broken the soil yet. I am starting to be concerned, but if these seedlings fail — well, I have more seeds. And if all of them fail, then I will buy baby plants. Determination: it’s what I got. :P

  3. Re says:

    Is this how you texted me the other day? I am so confused on that still..

  4. sarawr says:

    Uh? No, dude. I texted you from my phone, because I got a new one and was trying to update my numbers. :P

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