Work to be done.

Happy Inauguration Day! I was quite pleased by the entire thing, and I feel very nice about my country today. So nice that I’m finally updating, in point of fact.

Things have been happening, my friends! Or, well, all right — things have been planned. I have been very busy with anticipation and travel conundrums and daydreams of rolling about in piles of money. You see, I filed my taxes a few days ago, and when I saw the refund amount I nearly fell over in shock. This family is about to get an upgrade — the sort of upgrade where we don’t have to worry about money for at least a year, and probably longer, because it turns out that giving the government an interest-free loan for a year is helpful when you’re very poor.

We’re going to be doing some smart things, like paying a percentage of the year’s rent up front so that our monthly payments are significantly lower. We’re going to fix the car. And we’re going to have a metric assload of fun, starting with a day-trip to Roswell to see my great-aunt and ride the miniature train, continuing with some apartment renovations and a deeply sinful shopping spree, and culminating in a week-long trip to Denver to see this hooker.

Until then, I am both too excited and too distractable to update much, it seems. I have, however, been sending lengthy emails to everyone I know. Said emails contain many ALL CAPS SHRIEKS OF GLEE and multiple instances of excessive exclamation-point usage. Really, it’s for the best that I haven’t updated in a while.

Life has been carrying on as usual outside my head. Connor is his usual exuberant, adorable self. Michael is his usual laid-back, adorable self. The cats are… well, I shall say no more. And I, of course, am my usual dorktastic, adorable self. This is not so much an update as a placeholder; I am not telling you what’s happened or what is happening, I am telling you what will happen.

What will happens is this: I will have a crapload of fun, after two years of being shut in my apartment going “hurrrr durrrr derp derp.” I can’t wait.

(Hopefully, now that this is out of my head, I can resume normal blawwwwgging. In the meantime, tell me about you.)


3 Responses to Work to be done.

  1. Lissa says:

    Hooray for large sums of cash that result in copious amounts of fun! Never, ever a bad thing! If my income ‘estimates’ are even remotely close to what Tony and I made from January – May of 2008 and the H&R Block tax estimator isn’t mistaken, we should actually get a decent refund this year. Which I’m tickled about since Tony’s been drawing untaxed unemployment for about seven and a half months. I’m also looking forward to filling out my FAFSA this year and hoping like HELL my EFC goes down so much that our government will decide that I am finally impoverished enough to merit grant money. We did, after all, cut our gross income by a little more than half after all.

    I look forward to your return to the blawg world. :)

  2. Alicia says:

    I have, however, been sending lengthy emails to everyone I know.


    Dude, I hope you have an awesome time. I also can not wait until you return to blog world.

  3. Dude, you have to update more.

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