Christmas wrap-up.

Oh, friends, it’s a mess around here. Seriously, nobody should live like this. I haven’t mopped in two weeks. There are towels all over the bathroom floor and a layer of grime in the sink — our washing machine decided it should drain into the bathroom instead of, you know, OUT, so we’re waiting for tomorrow’s plumber. I think at least half the dishes in the house are dirty, piled totteringly in the kitchen sink and on the counter. Our bedroom floor has a festive carpet of laundry, due to the aforementioned plumbing issue. The living room isn’t so bad, except for my desk, which is… well, actually, I’m not sure my desk is still here; it’s possibly my computer is entirely held up by stacks of mail and leftover wrapping paper and candy wrappers.

Christmas was good, obviously, but I can’t seem to get back in the swing of things. Every time I turn around something I neglected during holiday prep stares me in the face — we’re out of trash bags, so I need to pick some up before I can clear the trash away from my desk, but first I need to do laundry so I have something to wear to the store, which means either waiting for the plumber or washing by hand (!!), though if I did that I’d need to clear out the towels on the floor because they’re rather unpleasant to kneel upon.

Or I could wash the dishes, except I’d need to put away the ones I washed on Boxing Day morning to free up the drainer, which means I’d have to get rid of the fancy(ish) disposable ones I bought for Christmas dinner, because those are currently in the cupboards where the real dishes go, and I don’t have trash bags so I can’t throw them out until I… do laundry, etc.

I was talking about Christmas, though, wasn’t I? It was good, I think I said. My nieces came over on Christmas Eve and we did the holiday baking and danced about to silly pop music. Connor opened his presents that night, one of which was a real drum kit (I am eternally an idiot), and we all had massive amounts of fun making far too much noise. He loved his presents and I am still feeling kind of smug, because usually when I buy toys he makes a polite noncommittal sound and never touches them — this year I spent far too much money and actually managed to get things he liked. Mom of the Year!

Christmas morning we were supposed to go over to Michael’s parents’ house pretty early, but Connor slept so late we finally had to wake him up and take him over there with bedhead. Michael’s mom had made a nice breakfast spread and we opened presents while noshing on cinnamon rolls and muffins. Connor was, of course, spoiled rotten and loved his presents. I was also spoiled rotten, and am still reeling from it — four new shirts! A gorgeous pair of earrings! The Dark Knight on DVD! An organizer for my desk! A framed holiday photo of Connor! It was quite nice.

We came home after that, leaving Connor behind for a bit to play with his new stuff, and started the turkey. At about 2:00 my mom and brother showed up, so we all hung out for an hour until it was time to pick Connor up. After Michael and I did that, my mom and I started the various side dishes to go with the turkey. Chris (Michael’s best friend) and Draven (his son) came by, and we all spent a lovely half-hour watching the kids play until Connor had a total meltdown and was put to bed for an emergency nap.

We ate well; Christmas dinner was absolutely delicious, and there were plenty of leftovers for my mom and I to split.

And… that’s it, really, for the past few days. Post-Christmas, I have been exceedingly lazy, and the house is really showing it. I can’t quite seem to get back on schedule, preferring instead to lounge about watching Angel and working in a desultory fashion for a few bucks each day. Connor’s been fairly engrossed by his new stuff, so I’ve had a lot of downtime time when I should have been cleaning to waste.

How was your holiday? Personally, I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve.


9 Responses to Christmas wrap-up.

  1. slightlyscruffy says:

    There’s a hole in the bucket,
    dear Liza, dear Liza,
    there’s a hole in the bucket,
    dear Liza, a hole.

  2. sarawr says:

    you asshole, you asshole. :P

    (Just kidding. I totally got what you meant, but I still haven’t accomplished anything because I keep watching Angel and also, AAUUGGH!)

  3. panterazero says:

    *lolirl* if it’s any comfort to you, I’m not getting anything done either. I mean, surely by now I should have blogged about the movie I saw on Christmas Day.

    and I can’t fix the damn bucket. don’t you remember the time I tried to make a dent in your accumulated laundry and we finally gave up and drank Arbor Mist instead?

  4. panterazero says:

    and parenthetically, I sure would like to know why my WP avatar won’t propagate after it’s been on the server for a week and a half.

  5. sarawr says:

    It’s because you’re not logged in. When you go to comment, it should show you something like, “Logged in as panterazero,” instead of you having to manually fill out the fields. Also, when you comment there should be a link to yr site, though I think you have to go in and select that. Still, you have to actually be logged in for your avatar, etc., to propagate — if you’re sure you are, then… I’d double-check your settings, then email me with specifics. :P

  6. How was my holiday? Overall, acceptable. I didn’t get any gifts that were too traumatic (requiring aforementioned polite, yet noncommittal noise–some books about horses, handmade body scrub, and sex paraphernalia), and I felt okay not giving any gifts for roughly the first time ever, so in a word, I survived. I guess that’s two words.

    I’m depressed, though…the kind that involves crying multiple times a day and whenever anyone is really present with me emotionally or physically (like a sincere “how are you?” or a hug), which (fortunately, for the poor unwitting souls that I start leaking tears onto the shoulders of…pardon the shitty grammar) isn’t too frequent at the moment.

    Winter is the dark time of year when everything wanes and dies away, and that’s how almost everything in my life feels right now. That’s part of the natural cycle of life, though.

    I also got a full-time job at a goat dairy working with baby goats, milking the mamas, and making a variety of specialty goat cheeses. Obviously, I don’t know how to do all of those things yet. I start tomorrow at 7:30 am. More details will be forthcoming on my shiny new wp blog. I don’t want to give too much away, because then you have no reason to read about it when I write about it officially, but the baby goats were TO DIE FOR. They were no older than 10 days and hopping all over EVERYTHING, wagging their nubby little tails, nibbling on each others’ ears, tails, and my fingers……..HOLY CRAP. Seriously, I could have died. They were precious.

    Making new friends, getting a life, I’m renting a huge truck, new girlfriend, etc. Despite the overwhelming and persistent sadness, life is objectively good.

  7. Maybe that was more info than you were looking for.

  8. sarawr says:

    That was not more info than I was looking for. I’d been curious ever since I read your Christmas entry on touchyphiliac. :P

    Also, that last big looks kind of like you’re renting a new girlfriend, which made me laugh. I know what you meant, but… hee.

  9. Anne says:

    Oh, friends, it’s a mess around here. Seriously, nobody should live like this.

    Um, nobody never had an almost 8 week old baby… we are living in dust and clutter over here. But I don’t care too much. It will get sorted eventually, hopefully by the time he’s crawling…

    love to you.

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