Heart attack/Jingle bells.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I note this only because I still have to: clean the house really well because I haven’t actually cleaned in like a month, preferring instead to just sort of shove everything to the side to approximate tidiness; do all my baking, which includes two cheese cakes, two batches of fudge, a batch of raspberry oatmeal bars, and three batches of cookies; brine the turkey; buy Christmas presents… all of them, I haven’t even started yet because Michael’s pay schedule got all thrown off this month and I thought he’d get a check last week but HA HAAAAA he doesn’t actually get a check until tomorrow; buy extra food because my mom totally invited extra people to Christmas dinner and now I don’t have enough of anything but turkey (my mom bought the turkey, and thank goodness she got a big one); also buy roasting pans and stuff because I don’t have enough real pans so I’m just going to use disposable foil ones; unpack our second set of dishes from the depths of the hall closet because I don’t have enough dishes for all these people (I should probably wash them too); wrap the presents (which means buying wrapping paper and tape and OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS); and get up early enough on Christmas day to have presents-and-cocoa time with Connor before booking it over to my in-laws’ to spend Christmas time with them before booking it back home to start the turkey and everything else before my mom and my brother and various other people show up to eat.

What I’m saying is, I haven’t updated in a while because the holidays stress me the fuck out. And also, I am shitty at planning and thinking ahead.

Happy holidays! I hope you have a nice Christmas! I MIGHT DIE.


3 Responses to Heart attack/Jingle bells.

  1. Lissa says:

    OMG I really do not envy you in the slightest. And here I’ve been bitching all day about having been to Walmart twice to buy presents for my niece and dad. I’m finished all of my cookie baking (still have some pies to make) and other than helping my mom cook tomorrow and helping my sister AND my mom wrap gifts, I’m pretty much finished with all the stress-inducing parts of Christmas.

    I wish you godspeed, m’dear. If I could hire someone to help you out with everything, I so totally would!

  2. slightlyscruffy says:

    mysterious cardboard box on its way to you that weighs hardly anything.

  3. I keep intending to contribute to the general hustle and bustle of the holidays, but I inevitably end up not actually contributing. There are people! and chaos! and stress! and horrors! So much easier to tune out and pray to Mars, god of war, that it will all be over soon.

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