2008 Tree*!

2008 Tree*!, originally uploaded by sarawr_again.

As a pagan, I have some funky ideas about Christmas. One of these funky ideas is that, well… I find traditional Christmas trees a little offensive. Or maybe “offensive” isn’t the right word, but I do catch a whiff of cultural/historical appropriation (not to mention a whiff of TACKY) from Christmas trees.

So this year, we covered my gorgeous houseplant in tinsel, Cousin It-Style. It works for us.

Merry Christmas, Blaaaaaawwwwg Readers. Catch you on the other side.


4 Responses to 2008 Tree*!

  1. Marina says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Connor and Michael, too!

    Hope tomorrow runs smoothly for you. We spent years shuttling between divorced parents/grandparents/in-laws and I remember how tiring it all was.

  2. That’s some “tree”!

    As I say in my journal, I’m eager for this all to be over. I had an interview scheduled for Tuesday till my horse got sick and they called to reschedule, but I was ready to say, “Hey, hire me today & I’ll be glad to work xmas day!”

    Instead, I’ll be exchanging “gifts” with friends and family, popping over for late-morning/early-afternoon time with one of my lovers, then back to my house to catch up with some friends, and hopefully–HOPEFULLY–I will survive it all intact.

    I mean, it’s a day. How challenging can a day be? But I barely made it through today, and that was only dress rehearsal.

  3. slightlyscruffy says:

    Merry…ah, Christmas, darling.

  4. cyanidelove says:

    Merry late christmas!

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