Princess Listy.

I am so, so sick. My mom was here for two weeks, and apparently my body waited just until she left and I was alone with a wrecked house and a crabby preschooler to spring full-blown into my first cold of the season. In light of this, I am using a draft I started… uh… before Thanksgiving (hush), adding updates where appropriate & in italics.


1) I participated in a clothing swap via Elastic Waist and, hey, who knew fat girl clothes could be cute? I even got a COAT, a gorgeous knee-length black swing coat with faux-fur cuffs and collar. It was a red-letter day indeed, especially since I actually managed to mail out my part of the swap only two weeks late!

One of my packages has even made it to its recipient, who likes the stuff I sent! I’m getting pretty good at this whole Internet thing, I think.

2) My mom is here, halfway through a two-week stay. We’ve found her an apartment and signed her up for some freelance blah-blah, and I have my fingers crossed that the local economy will magically improve just in time for her to find a job. In the meantime, things are kind of crowded but Connor’s getting a big kick out of all the attention.

My mom is, as of last night, in her new apartment and getting all set up to conquer Portales. We had a decent visit, but I slacked on the housework because somehow an extra person = OMG I WILL NEVER DO CHORES, so now my house is kind of gross. I plan to deal with this at some point, really.

3) Work! It is slow! Except sometimes it is fast! But mostly it is slow!

It seems to have picked up as of yesterday, but I am not counting on anything right now. I am also two freaking weeks behind on Christmas saving, saving for a Mystery Trip at the end of the month, and oh yeah — bill money. Bah.

4) I’m doing my Thanksgiving shopping, uh, today. I had these awesome plans for brining a 16-pound bird and making homemade pie crusts and bacon-wrapped dates, but then I got sucked into a work/kid/houseguest vortex and so… I think we’re going to end up with a small chicken and a frozen pie, and I am totally okay with that. I am not okay with shopping the day before the holiday, but what can you do? (PREPARE EARLY. I know.)

Somehow the small chicken and frozen pie became a small chicken, steamed herbed asparagus, roast vegetables, herbed rice, stuffing, cranberries dipped in white chocolate, and a frozen pie. It was all very good and Thanksgiving was surprisingly nice, except that I drank too much wine. We played lots of video games and later I watched lots of old GooGoo Dolls videos on YouTube, so it was a multimedia extravaganza! We just threw out the last of the leftovers two days ago, and now I am staunchly avoiding any thoughts about Christmas dinner. It’s the circle of life!


1) We have two new kittens; I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here before. We found one the day my great-grandmother died, a very pretty and panther-like little black kitten whom Connor named Tomato. The other was brought to us by the Non-Asshole Neighbors, who found him in our neighboring town. He has seven toes on each paw, and thus we named him Sep(timus).

2) I got ponytail bangs cut into my hair on a whim the other day, and there are many pictures over at Flickr. For a whim, I think the hair looks rather nice.

3) I won a paper shredder on the radio a couple of weeks ago. The day after Thanksgiving, Michael won a Trucker Christmas (?) from the same station. Apparently, ’tis the season to try our luck.

I think I have much more to tell you all, but it seems my brain has been replaced by a particularly lumpy booger. (You’re welcome.) The cats are fine, Connor is fine (if crabby), Michael is fine, I am mostly fine. I have two very large new books and a comfy bed, if I could only figure out what to do about the kid and the house while I make use of them. Why don’t you all tell me about your Thanksgiving and/or Christmas plans and/or cold remedies and/or niggling complaints? That would be lovely.


One Response to Princess Listy.

  1. vaguelyscruffy says:

    I won a paper shredder on the radio a couple of weeks ago… Apparently, ’tis the season to try our luck.

    practice licking your elbow.

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