A brief but startling realization.

Things I Have Paid Off Or Paid Up In The Past Three Months:

1) $600 of back rent, plus half of each month’s rent since.
2) A (gulp) $300 back electricity bill, incurred a year ago at the height of our brokeness by taking advantage of no shut-off season. We’d been paying $25/month on top of our monthly bill since March, and the bill was reduced by exactly $100. So I paid it off. And then I took over our monthly electricity bill.
3) $300 of Michael’s student loan debt. I know, I am a saint.
4) $250 of my student loan debt (four monthly payments). Stupid Stafford loan.
5) $252 of insurance for the car — six months’ worth.

ChaCha is still having system issues today, but I’ve got a $20 bill in my pocket to see me through the day. The Asshole Neighbors were drag-racing around the block until 4:00AM, and I am exhausted. You know what? Well done, me. I think I’ll take the day off.


One Response to A brief but startling realization.

  1. sortofnotscruffy says:

    you posted in schiz, too, and presumably you have a still-not-entirely-well small child. you should royally slack

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