We did it.

I haven’t been this happy about anything in a long time.

It’s not complex. It’s not bittersweet. It’s pure, unadulterated happiness. I am cheering, laughing, crying, grinning. I feel like my country is rejoicing with me for the first time… well, ever.

Senator McCain’s concession speech was gracious, well-spoken, and delivered with dignity. That’s a man I hope to see more of, going forward.

Congratulations, President Obama. Well done. And thank you.

(Scuttling the maturity now: WE FUCKING DID IT OH MY GOD WE DID IT!)


3 Responses to We did it.

  1. Alicia says:

    That’s where I am as well. After losing a great deal of my respect throughout the campaign, Senator McCain got a lot of it back after his speech last night.

  2. Adri says:

    I know that some bigwigs must’ve pulled John McCain aside to explain, “Hey, you’ve gotta start pandering to the conservative extremists and assholes, or you’re never going to get elected.” He was a completely different person in 2000, and his behavior has seemed contrived throughout this entire campaign. There’s a good solid politician in there, whether you agree with the details of his beliefs or not, and I’m glad he delivered a speech to prove it.

  3. sarawr says:

    My personal tipping point with regard to Senator McCain was during the South Carolina primaries. Before that, he was a man with whom I could respectfully disagree, in whom I could feel some pride, and whose ideology I found to be consistent and compassionate.

    It wasn’t 2000 that did me in; it was 2008, and I’m glad to see it was short-lived. I only wish he’d carried himself through the election as himself, rather than as a representative of and panderer to some of the worst voices in his (nominal) party. And I’m glad with you that he delivered a speech proving that Classic McCain is still around.

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