Vote. Do it now.

Dude. Didn’t you read the title? Why are you still here? Go vote.

Of course, if you’re not American — or if you already voted — or if you cannot vote due to your brain, limbs, and eyes suddenly becoming detached and rolling into traffic — then I suppose I can, just barely, absolve you. If you do not meet any of these criteria and you still do not vote, you are dead to me. (That’s D-E-A-D, DEAD. Srsly.)

I am not normally political on this here blaaaawg, but I must tell you that my son endorses Obama and I think it might behoove you to take his advice. “I know Obama!” Connor tells me with a lit-up face. “He’s the nice one on TV!” Indeed.

If you must vote for McCain, or Bob Barr, or Ron Paul (actually my first choice, but I don’t feel I can in good conscience waste a vote this election), or write in Daffy Duck… then go for it. Just vote. Do it now. Make a choice, stand up, and be counted. (And if you’re in California? Vote NO on Props 8 and 4, plzkthx.)

If any of you, like me, are without televisions and/or things to do to distract you from biting your nails, you can hit me up on MSN (angie_wilson_AThotmailDOTcom) and we can keep ourselves occupied and informed together. I’ll be around all day.



One Response to Vote. Do it now.

  1. notsoscruffy says:

    already did, boss, thx.

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