I’m going to a little get-together to remember my great-grandmother tomorrow, and this week has been kind of eaten up with making enough money to do that… and watching craptacular movies and TV… and grieving… and fighting with Michael… and putting the garden to bed… and working, did I mention working? It has been busy, and when it hasn’t been busy it’s been hard. Thus my never-ending round of excuses for not updating continues.

I’ll be back on, oh, let’s say Wednesday and be pleasantly surprised if I’m here in force on Monday. In the meantime, you should all congratulate my mom in the comments — she went out in this economy in that state and got herself a real, live, good-paying job. With lawyers, and stock options, and stuff. Seriously, that is pretty hardcore.

ETA: I just checked my spam filter and surf-ins, and WTF? Who are these people with the paper doll fetishes? Srsly, Intarwebz, get a life.


4 Responses to Catch-up.

  1. Alicia says:

    You get paper doll fetishists, I get amputee fetishists. So it goes, and so it goes.

  2. Marina says:

    I didn’t comment earlier , but I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. It sounds like you have a lot of fantastic memories of her, though, and I’m sure that helps and comforts her wherever it is that she is now. I only hope that I leave as many wonderful memories behind when it’s my time to go. Hope you are keeping relatively well, and that the fighting isn’t too bad (I feel you on that one). Love and strength to you.

  3. dedanna says:

    Actually, the new job for your mom didn’t work out in that state, so she is heading your way late Wednesday-night-ish.

    Where ya been?


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