The sun better come out tomorrow.

So I got up this morning and the house was a mess and Connor was crying because he’d had a bad dream and when I calmed him down and took him to the bathroom he was still kind of shaky and peed all over the toilet and floor instead of in the toilet and it was six damn o’clock and I hadn’t gone to sleep until four but whatever I settled him in with a movie and some cereal and started scrubbing down the bathroom and when I’d finished with that one of the cats threw up on the couch so I cleaned that up and got Connor dressed and realized we were out of coffee and also cat food and I logged on to start getting work done early so we’d have money for this stuff and Connor played happily until Michael got up at which point I cashed out the money I’d made and the menfolk went off to buy the day’s necessities while I washed the breakfast dishes and then they came back and I started cooking grown-up breakfast even though it was almost noon and Michael was playing some computer game and Connor was running in circles around the table and I was just so TIRED, I haven’t had real sleep in a couple of weeks, wtf, and as I was putting the finishing touches on some herbed scrambled eggs and headed for the toaster to round the meal off I heard a horrific thud and then Connor SHRIEKED and then he yelled “I’M OKAY I’M OKAY” and he burst into tears and I’d run into the kitchen doorway and stuff was burning but when I got to the living room Connor was up and Michael was holding him and his head was black and there was blood on his face and I swooped him up and tickled his back while Michael got a cold washcloth and the phone buttons wouldn’t dial fast enough and the advice nurse didn’t pick up and Connor was sobbing and sobbing and finally I just called the hospital and they were kind of nonchalant so we calmed Connor down and iced his head and it still swelled over half an inch in a half-dollar sized area and it was SO CLOSE TO HIS TEMPLE and maybe I cried too and Jesus I was so damn scared and it took over an hour to take care of the swelling and make sure he was not concussed and then he needed a nap so he laid in his bed and I cuddled him to sleep and then Michael had to go to work so I went back to my desk to do more work and realized that the house was filthy from the aborted cooking attempt and the various messes and also I hadn’t showered and kind of smelled bad and just as I finished undressing for the shower and figured I’d tackle the house later…

… my mother-in-law showed up. WHAT THE HELL, UNIVERSE? Can’t you spread this crap OUT a little bit?


7 Responses to The sun better come out tomorrow.

  1. slightlyscruffy says:

    oh, honey.

  2. Anne says:

    :( I hope tomorrow’s better and Connor’s head feels better soon.

  3. Anne says:

    p.s. September 3, and now September 12. And who says life doesn’t have it’s ups and downs?

  4. sarawr says:

    The whole time I was writing this entry I was thinking the same thing, Anne. It’s almost like… like bookends, or something. And just a little creepy.

  5. Chris says:

    Now that sounds like the mother of all bad days. Hang in there!

  6. Anne says:

    forgive my apostrophe, btw :P

  7. […] better. My in-laws, rather than being shocked and angry at the state of my house (and me) on the horrible day were very nice. They took Connor for a weekend visit, and yesterday my father-in-law brought over a […]

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