Luck of the draw.

Some days, I still cannot believe that this is my life now. Things are going right in such unprecedented numbers already — I’ve got a good job, I have a garden, my kid is very cute and sweet, my husband is both genial and handsome — that when even more falls into my lap I wind up slackjawed.

Everywhere I went today, I found a bonus. I signed in to work this morning and discovered that I’d won some money in contests — not a lot, but enough that I can have a couple days off if I want to. We went to McDonald’s (… I know) for lunch and got some very pretty old-style Coke glasses, for free, just for eating crap (… I know). We picked up Michael’s check and found that he’d gotten an unexpected raise. While Connor and I waited in the parking lot for Michael to come back from grabbing his check, Connor said hello through the open windows to a couple of guys who were going in to shop. When they came out of the store a minute or two later, they had lollipops for Connor. “He’s so friendly,” they exclaimed, these 50-year-old obviously childless labor-sweaty fellows. (Connor took all this very serenely. “I am pretty friendly,” he said, “and lots of people give me suckers.” This is, alas for his teeth, true.)

We headed to Wal-Mart for some groceries, ran into our landlord, handed him the rent money right there, and he turned around and gave a five dollar bill to Connor. “You get yourself something fun, tough guy,” was his stern instruction. “I will,” Connor vowed solemnly, and he did, selecting a very nice Transformers action-figure set. As we meandered through the store it seemed like everything in the world was on sale: the fancy-pants ecologically friendly laundry soap with the smell I love? On sale. Egyptian cotton sheets to replace the, um, cheap cotton sheets that are about on their last leg? Sale. Delectable, glistening fresh produce — corn and tangerines and artichokes? SALE! Between the raise and the sales, Michael’s check went farther than it ever has.

As we were coming home, Connor fell asleep in the car, going limp and pudgy-cheeked in a way he hasn’t since he was about a year old. I got the pleasure of one (last?) limp-toddler, carseat-to-bed transfer while he snuggled against my cheek. He’s now in the middle of an epic nap, and I’ve had two hours of uninterrupted reading time in a bedroom that Michael stealth-cleaned right when I was at my breaking point with the mess.

It was chilly and grey this morning, and I’m excited for autumn. I feel like nesting, cleaning out shelves and polishing furniture, laying up stores for winter. I feel like everything is going to be this good for a while, and I can’t wait for fall mornings full of coffee and anticipation. (Lest you think I have gone completely ’round the bend with all this optimism, I find that I can wait — possibly forever — for the inevitable death of my garden. I thought we’d have a second harvest, but the morning chill has sharply disabused me of that notion. Oh, well. Can’t win ’em all.)

What about you? What’s it like for you, going into a new season and looking ahead? Tell me all about it; I’ve got nothing today but coffee and time.


6 Responses to Luck of the draw.

  1. totallyscruffy says:

    I’m frantically sticking together the El Cerrito Democratic Club newsletter, because the usual editor is out of town this week at a wedding. It’s Wednesday and, looking at my calendar, I’m not seeing any free time till something like Monday. I know that Ronald Reagan was the end of the Republican Party as I knew it, and I’m hoping that Sarah Palin is ditto as he knew it. Optimally, I’m going to go grab a short cup of coffee and about four ibuprofen and work on this newsletter until Hilary comes in the door with some food, which preferably will not need cooking. Okay, how many days till the election? — 60, 61?

  2. Mer says:

    Hrm. Looking ahead, I’m not entirely sure what to expect. (but can I say? you have a doctor horrible ad in your sidebar, which is awesome and random.) My pookie just went part time at work because she wanted to and we could afford it. I’ve just gained half a housewife and our companies just gained a dedicated part-time employee.

    I don’t know what we’ll gain. The theory is that, in exchange for money, we’ll get more time since she’s prone to doing errands and cleaning when she’s on her own. Or we’ll get money, and the businesses will take off. Or… I don’t know. Stuff is going to change, but I don’t know how yet.

  3. Chris says:

    Well, we’re in the midst of hurricane season down here, and will be for another 3 months or so. Nothing really interesting on my radar except how to get more efficient at the packing-unpacking that is required for evacuating my office every time a hurricane rolls by (I work on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico – so we’re always on standby this time of year.) Alas, every September I yearn for an existence in a state with four seasons (none of which are hurricane related) so that I can wear sweaters and boots and see my breath on the air. So what am I anticipating: finding a job I can do from my laptop so that I can move out of Florida.

  4. Moose says:

    I love days like that. They always seem tinged with some ethereal glow. Enjoy your new cash and sheets!

  5. Anne says:

    A bit disheartened by knowing that I’m not allowed to have the birth I’d wanted, in the homey birthing centre, but need to be on a labour ward :( Gee thanks for those antigens in the blood you gave me 5 years ago, hospital, that made me develop these stupid antibodies. And thanks fibroid for growing so stupidly big that you risk me out of a more natural birth. I just need a day to get over it.

    The UK is in the grip of severe weather! Not right here right now – there is actually sun – but lots of very heavy rain, flooding and high winds. It’s definitely much cooler even than this time last week. Autumn is definitely ‘fall’ing…

    Last session of therapy last night. Wow . Seven years is a long time? Try nine and a half of hard hard work. But so worth it.

  6. lethal says:

    I am earnestly trying to find free or cheap fencing for our horses because they’re getting into the avocado stands and I’m a little anxious they’ll eat it and die. Think positive, think positive! Agh!! Then there’s jerking off like 50 times a day (my junk is wearing out, dude! it takes me like 90 seconds to get off when it used to take 15!!) and trying to keep on top of various graphic design/web development projects that I am working for but, alas, not being paid to do. However, good practice, good practice! I am so in love with my horses. Unfortunately, I am so lazy that having to put on shoes that lace up is actually a barrier to hanging out with them at times. WTF! (I just want to wear crocs and nothing else till I die pls ok thx.) Hopefully I will have a vehicle soon. School started a month ago. I am hella busy even though it feels like I do nothing every day. Miss you.

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