CRASH. Bang. Etc.

Why hello, there! I was going to post some more garden pictures and address some non-work stuff and ask for reading recommendations, wasn’t I? Yes, I was! But then! Internet Explorer started crashing and also deleting my entire desktop! I spent many of yesterday’s hours staring at a totally black screen with a Windows 3.1-style gigantic useless mouse pointer and after that particular psychodrama (OMG MY COMPUTER IS DEAD AND I WILL LOSE MY JOB AND I WILL NEVER GET TO READ ANOTHER BLOG) I don’t really know what to say. I have been zombified, and all I can do is stare at my sweet, precious IE window.

(It turned out that AVG was making me crash because it was running, like, twelve different versions of itself in my processes and somehow causing svchost.exe to run multiple versions of itself and HA HA HA, my computer is not built to run twelve versions of AVG and seven versions of svchost and also IE and also MSN and also AIM and also WinAmp and also Google Notifier and also? GAH.)

So! I am using McAfee now, and all is well. To be honest, I don’t even know why I have a full-size anti-virus program on here, because I run everything out of Sandboxie and it catches everything without me having to lift a finger. I think I run these gargantuan anti-virus programs because I know approximately jack and shit about keeping computers healthy (man, what ever happened to DOS? I could rock the DOS all day long) and so hitting “scan” is my default troubleshooting method. Also, I use — eek — Vista, because it came with the computer and I had every intention of getting rid of it and going back to XP, but THEN! Then I kind of liked Vista, and it had some cool features, and Sandboxie takes care of its security issues, so here I am with the most persnickety, temperamental OS on the planet and absolutely no knowledge of how to coax it into submission.

Why am I rambling on about computers? I don’t know. It’s not even eight o’clock yet, people, and I have already worked for a couple of hours WITHOUT ANY COFFEE. I think now would be a good time to ask for those reading recommendations! Yes! Tell me what books I should buy. I like funny things, I am not so much a sci-fi/fantasy fan although I do love Heinlein and also Terry Goodkind, I get kind of pissy when a book goes on and on about the lessons learned at a dying parents’ bedside, and I don’t like pat “I’m aiming for Oprah’s book list” authors.

(Alice Sebold and Amy Tan, I’m looking at YOU.)

Also, I love historical fiction, but it has to be really accurate historical fiction. I tried Philippa Gregory and hated her, but I love Margaret George. So what should I read, given those particular preferences? Help a sister out.


4 Responses to CRASH. Bang. Etc.

  1. lethal says:

    I have vista AND am in desperate need of a hardware geek.

  2. livingbehindthecurve says:

    You like Heinlein and funny? Are you familiar with Spider Robinson? I hope so. If not, you should hit wikipedia and start reading his Callahans series, in order. If you like stuff a little… well, butcher, hit Azon for some Scott Sigler.

    Uhm… I’m a Dune fan, so Frank Herbert? He’s a little wordy and concept-heavy, but his non-dune books really rampage on quite nicely.

    what else have I read recently.. harry potter… Gormenghast… the divine comedy… porn… Man. books and I are apparently on a little break.

  3. Anne says:

    Apropros of nothing apart from ‘book recommendation’ – read any AM Homes? I’ve also just started reading Lorrie Moore’s ‘Birds of America’ (short stories) and it’s very good.

  4. Chris says:

    Hello! I read your comment on today’s Vine over at Tomato Nation, loved your perspective there, and came over to check out your site. Nice place ya got here! If you like American History, John Jakes is my favorite historical fiction author.

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