At last.

I have finally begun posting my garden pictures from the last mumblemumble months. I didn’t get them all posted by ANY means, but there are enough up now to give you a good idea of what I’ve got. (Lovin’, baby. It’s what I got.) Of course, since I took these pictures — two days ago — a billion more tomatoes have started blushing, the cucurbits (squash and cukes alike) have doubled in size, and my herbs have done their usual post-harvest exploding. I’m going to try to keep posting these as fake updates throughout the rest of the week, but to be honest, I’m a little afraid.

Hello, friends. Why don’t you throw me some topics? I feel a little lame writing about nothing but work, work, the garden, work, work, and the kid. I will even take a few more pictures if they MUST accompany a post, but you better have a darn good topic.


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