Meet my new baby. As you can see, it’s a car. A sporty red car that gets pretty good gas mileage, doesn’t have a death rattle, and can be insured for less than $100/month.

It’s quite sexy, don’t you agree?

Before I get the inevitable “oh sure, you bitch about being poor and then you go out and buy a car” emails, I should mention that it was free. That’s F-R-E-E, folks. Our friend Chris got a new car and basically said, “Here. Have this one. It’s in great condition, it’s sporty and red, and it’s safer than your ancient Tracker. Have it, I insist.” And we, of course, said, “OMG OKAY THANX LOLOL.”

It has a multimedia system, y’all — a combination CD player/MP3 player with USB ports for plugging in flash drives and/or Michael’s Nintendo DS. (In case we want to… listen to his video games while we tool around town? I am unclear.) The tracker had a tape player that didn’t really work and a radio that didn’t really get reception. This is a serious step up. Oh, and I guess I should share some relevant information: It’s a 1997 Mercury Tracer LS, it’s in superlative condition, it has a brand-new battery and just had a tune-up and oil change, and it’s sporty and red. Also, it gets 28-32 miles to the gallon, which is way more than the Tracker’s 11-17 MPG. Did I mention the “sporty” and “red” aspects? More details to follow, once I’ve taken it out for a spin or two.

(Great, now I’m going to get emails about how poor people are always grabbing for freebies and expecting other people to provide everything for them. I CANNOT WIN. Except I can, because I have a new car and you don’t.)


6 Responses to OH HAI.

  1. Mer says:

    Wonk wonk wonk you’re poor and therefore you suck blah blah blah.

    Never let it be said that I’m not there for a friend to fulfill a preordained inevitability.

  2. Anne says:

    If I didn’t hate cars on principle, I’d probably agree it was a fine looking specimen :)

  3. Alicia says:

    Would you seriously get emails like that? Honestly, what is WRONG with people?

    Also, your car is sexy and is making me jealous, as mine is currently dented and sad.

  4. sarawr says:

    I seriously do get emails like that, ever since I wrote a thing in December about how being poor sucks and a lot of people came in to view it — now every time I mention spending money (even on things like FOOD), I get at least one “you wouldn’t be poor if you didn’t waste your money on things like food and transportation” email. I also get the “you’re just a leech on taxpayers’ money!” emails, oddly enough, even though Michael and I are taxpayers ourselves (and do not receive government assistance). WHATEVS! Heh.

    Our old car was dented and sad, but I’ll miss it — it was kind of cute, and we’d had it forever. This new one, though? HOTTTTTT. In the literal sense, as the A/C busted two days after we got it. On the schedule for payday: FREON. Heh.

  5. Moose says:

    SCORE. I myself am now the proud owner of a secondhand cell phone, given to me by my father because I’m 30 years old and CAN’T AFFORD MY OWN.

    Also: “You wouldn’t be poor if you didn’t waste your money on things like food” = the best hate mail EVER. Wow. People consistently amaze me.


  6. rjb says:

    OH MY GAR!!! That was supposed to be god, but maybe it was a typo that was meant to be. Sexy!!

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