Listy McListsalot.

Things I Am Dying To Do:

1) Get haircuts for Connor and me.
2) Buy Connor new shorts.
3) Go see The Dark Knight.
4) Sign Connor up for swimming lessons.
5) Get enough dirt for my awesome new raised bed.
6) Register our new(-to-us) car.
7) Get some new books and/or pay my library fine.
8) Take my friend Lyndie out for some light shopping and a nice lunch.
9) Invite my friend Kirsten over for a cookout.
10) Buy Connor a cool toy.

Things I Am Able To Do, Just:

1) Pay rent.
2) Pay bills.
3) Buy at least a little food.
4) Put oil in the old car to keep it going another month.

Oh, adulthood. What will you think of next?


One Response to Listy McListsalot.

  1. Anne says:

    I can’t wait to take my baby to swimming ‘classes’. We may not be in Australia, but I think I can try to nurture another little water baby like I was.

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