Paving the road to hell.

Things I Intended To Include In This Post:

1) Current site design gig, how awesome it is, and possibility of actual payment.
2) Got hired as a guide at ChaCha.
3) Multiple tomatoes on tomato plants! Also, cucumber seedlings (not associated with tomatoes).
4) Disastrous state of apartment, plans for rectification.
5) Disastrous state of finances, seething ire aimed husband-ward.
6) Photos of tomatoes, newly mowed lawn, kid, etc.

The Only Thing I Can Really Think About:

1) Oh my Goooddddd, I am so tiiiirrrreeed. The neighbors have had parties from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM FOUR NIGHTS IN A ROW, and the day before that they had a party that STARTED at 5:30 AM and ENDED at 9:00 AM, like WHAT THE HELL IS THAT, TRASHY NEIGHBORS? And why won’t the police do anything about this other than going, “Uh, guys, keep it down?” And why won’t the landlord do anything about this, especially since LAST time this happened he was righteously pissed? And why, WHYYYYYY, do these people need to blast music and thrust their shrieking brats outside and slam drunkenly into cars with alarms ALL NIGHT LONG? And why is it illegal to firebomb residential sectors? And why, for the love of monkeys, am I not the kind of person who can sleep through anything? And why can’t Connor sleep in until, say, eleven — just once? WHYYYYYY OH LORD I AM SO TIRED.


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