“I did a good job on my room!”
“Let’s see… you sure did! Wow! I know some twelve-year-olds who don’t do jobs that good!”
“I’m not twelve. I’m three.”
“I know, honey. I didn’t say you’re twelve. I said I know some twelve-year-olds, and they don’t clean their rooms as well as you clean yours.”
“I did a good job because I’m three. I’m not twelve, Mommy.”
“I get that. I didn’t say you’re twelve. I just know some kids who are twelve.”
“… I’m NOT TWELVE, Mommy. I’m THREE.”
“All right, listen to me: I didn’t say YOU are twelve. I said SOME KIDS are twelve, and I know them. I know you’re three. Why are you still arguing with me?”
“Because I AM. NOT. TWELVE!”
“You know what? Go to your room. Until you are twelve.”


One Response to Mini-me.

  1. still laughing says:

    you no doubt realize that, as good as this post is, the title makes it about twice as good. Anybody who knows you and Connor and reads this will be giggling all day.

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