Monday: Michael, Chris, and I piled into Chris’s car to pick up Adri at the Roswell airport; on the way out of town the car died and I steered while they pushed; we got to a Target parking lot and asked for help but there was no help and everything was sweltering hot; Chris figured out that the car would go if he never let up on the gas; we drove home that way and Adri procured some booze (White Truck, a blended white wine, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which we found on Wikipedia and bought for the amusement factor); we drank some booze and sniffed at my tomato plants; my nieces came to spend the night and we blew enormous scented bubbles with the airconditioner; nobody slept much but that was okay.

Tuesday: The girls’ dad came to pick them up and Adri and I sat around the house moaning; eventually we awoke, sort of, and Connor came home from his grandparents’ and we played with him for hours; in the evening (after Connor went back to his grandparents’ because we don’t have a spare room) I thought it would be a GREAT idea to drink some more booze; a couple of friends came over for a while and we all sat out on the porch; Kip showed up sometime after dark and he, Adri, and I made chicken and rice; the rice was horribly dry but the chicken was okay, so I kept drinking the booze while Adri tried to sleep; Kip and I stayed up forever because I was rambling about heroes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Superman and… Barack Obama; finally, we all went to sleep.

Wednesday: We were all very tired as a consequence of my rambling, except for Kip, who was disgustingly chipper; we sat around moaning again and doing nothing much until Michael picked up his paycheck; we spent far too long deliberating over lunch options and finally settled on a restaurant that delivered instead of ONE THAT HAD POTATO SKINS; Adri and I were dismayed but got over it; after lunch we sat around talking and talking until Lyndie showed up and hung out for a while; Connor was here again and was very excited/exciting/cute; then we went to bed early and finally got some sleep.

Thursday: Adri and I woke up at seven but didn’t stir until 8:30; we felt much better and made plans for a long day; we sat around on the Internet for approximately forever, looking up drama and nostalgia pieces and other strange things; we showered and dressed and got the hell out of the house to pick up Kip at the hotel; we went to lunch at Cattle Baron, where we finally obtained potato skins; we went to the garden store, where I bought hydrolized fish viscera and a sage plant; we went to Wal-Mart for more booze; we got all gussied up in dresses and heels and went to Saeng’s; we took Kip to the hotel and came home and sat around with wine.

Friday: We got up early-ish and sat around on the Internet some more; we showered and dressed; we picked up Kip from the hotel; we took Adri back to the Roswell airport because she had to leave because she is a hooker; Kip and I started the Saeng’s post at Schizodigestive but got derailed by discussion of Mental Issues and Memory Loss and Documentation of Things; I took Kip back to the hotel, came home, and slept like the dead.

Saturday: I sat around going “durrr” and hanging out with Connor and cleaning the house.

Sunday: Kip and Flynn returned for a bit; Flynn slept on the couch while Kip and I worked on the Schizo post and played with Connor and talked; Connor got picked up by his grandparents and Kip, Michael, and I went to a friend’s house for dinner; while there, Michael picked up my nieces so that they could partake of the fun; we were all stuffed and sat around afterward going “nnnnggghh.”

Monday: I picked up my nieces at 9:30 because they wanted to see Flynn; Flynn and Kip showed up at about 10:00 and we all sat on the porch talking for a while; we went to breakfast at the Dew Drop Inn, where everyone had some variation on dessert; we said goodbye to Kip; Flynn took the girls and me home and we said goodbye to him; I helped my nieces set up safe Internet accounts for various things; I took them home and said, “Now what?”

Tuesday: I spent the whole day alternately sleeping and stumbling about misplacing things, fighting off some sort of fever; Connor went to see Wall-E which disappointed me as I’d wanted to go with him; I woke up and everyone was gone and the bedroom was hot and things were in strange places; I spent 45 minutes starting dinner and then Chris showed up; we watched Firefly until Michael got home; I made dinner and we ate and I went to bed.

Today: I have been working on a site-design job I got last week, slowly and unwillingly cleaning up the apartment, and not doing much else. I discovered seven (7) new tomatoes on my plants, so I have been using that as an excuse to go outside and “check on them” every 30 minutes. Connor has been asleep for about four hours, so I guess he was tired too. I will have a real, coherent update… sometime.


2 Responses to Whew.

  1. momentarilyscruffy says:

    you didn’t mention that Chris’s car also died in downtown Roswell when we went to take Adri to the airport. I mean, yeah, it only stalled a couple of times at a light, but still [cue twilight zone theme].

  2. Anne says:

    That’s a lot of sleeping by everyone (including the car)! I’m jealous.

    Alternative, my week has gone like this:

    last Wed: 4 hours sleep the night before. Fly to Berlin. Walk around all day. Go to some middle-of-nowhere place in East Berlin just for the hell of it and find there is nothing there. Wander back into town and stumble across Checkpoint Charlie. Get no sleep because Germany won the football and the whole city decides to stay awake outside our hotel window. With fireworks.

    last Thu: Walk around all day in Berlin. Catch a tram to the end of the line in East Berlin and find…… flats and flats and flats and… a Chinese restaurant. Get no sleep because Spain won the football and the whole city decides to stay awake outside our hotel window. WithOUT fireworks.

    last Fri: Go to the zoo and subtly distribute M’s poem ‘The Liberation of Berlin Zoo’. See the famous polar bear cub (not so much cub any more) and discover he is an attention whore, unsurprisingly. Go to Spandau. Should not have bothered. The only thing worth seeing there (the Zitadelle sp?) is closed for a Kraan concert. Rock on. At least there is a post office. Post some postcards. Not terribly much sleep. There seems to be a small group of randomly singing men wandering the streets outside our hotel.

    last Sat: Great German-speaking boat tour and a fantastic afternoon and evening in Potsdam, wandering the gardens and biergartens of Sanssoucy. Get no sleep because our friend gets us on the wrong train (I’m not complaining, I had 4 days of not caring too much where we went and letting M and P make all the travel plans) and we go back from Potsdam to the centre of Berlin via THE AIRPORT late at night and reach the hotel after midnight.

    Sunday: Fly back home. Go to bed too late. Cry in the shower because I am so grumpy.

    Monday: Wake up exhausted and headachey after too much walking for a pregnant person and not enough sleep in Germany for any kind of person. Work.

    Tuesday: Work. Not impressed to be on the early shift this week.

    Wednesday: Work. M comes to bed at 3 fricken 30 am despite promising 12.30 at the latest. We are not impressed and we no longer have a spare room to kick him into.

    Thursday: Almost fall over from tiredness when I get out of bed. Amazing, amazinfg email from my boss to my manager about my recent incident report achievement. Stumble through the day and because I am an amazing wife still go to his poetry reading in the evening.

    Today: Work. Stood up by MY THERAPIST. Turns out she was sick and in her bleariness overlooked the reminder to call me to cancel. So an hour waiting for her and figuring the worst that could happen was that she was dead. Now, waiting for M to come down and eat (the dinner he cooked) at 9.45pm.

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