Not dead.

I haven’t forgotten that WordPress exists, exactly; I’ve just been really busy. Adri and Kip were here this week, and we somehow managed to kill a lot of time without doing much but eat food and drink wine. This means that there will be some interesting posts at Schizodigestive, as well as some interesting posts here. Just… not today, because today I am catching up on time with Connor, housework, and administrative crap like asking the CPA if she is EVER going to SIGN THAT CONTRACT.

This week was exactly what I needed, and I’ll have lots to say about it on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve been out of the house more in the past five days than I was in the entire six preceding months. (Also, there was some strange thing going on wherein I ended up with more food in the fridge after everyone left than there was before they got here.) Today is for rest and catching up with real life, tomorrow Kip is going to be back for about a day, and then I am going to spend half a day hammering out The Longest Post Ever. Stay tuned.


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