It is what it is.

My boss at the bakery informed me on Saturday that the scheduling snafus and strange job shift had come about because “[she] doesn’t really have enough work for [me] to do, and [she] doesn’t really have a shift where [I’m] needed, and it’s not fair to either of us for [her] to try to fit me in.” Fair enough. The bakery situation apparently resolved itself, although I do wonder why she even hired me if she didn’t need another worker. I spent most of Saturday sending out my millionth round of resumés, but this time I actually got a result.

Yes! A result!

A California CPA emailed me within two hours of my sending my resumé — she needs someone to do writing for her website, maintain the content, and write and maintain communications with clients and website users. She was interested in me because of my bookkeeping background; she said she thinks that’ll make things easier and smoother for both of us. She called me the same day (still Saturday) and we did a nice phone interview… and she hired me. I’ve written up and sent a contract, and I’m just waiting for her to make what changes she sees fit and send it back for signing. The job pays quite well, the hours are more than reasonable, and it’s exactly the kind of job I have been looking for, lo these many months. The site owner sounded quite nice and very smart on the phone — I think she’ll be wonderful to work for. I’ll be working from home, finally using my degree, and finally making a decent paycheck.

Today I’m mocking up a template for her site, something I can send to her once the contract is finalized to get the design-and-content ball rolling. Today I am also very tired, as the extreme heat and Michael’s snoring seem to be feeding off each other in some bizarre “kill Sara dead” sleep-deprivation schema. I spent a little time outside this morning, topping off the soil in my tomato pots, picking sucker shoots off the plants, and generally putzing around in the hope that some sunshine would clear the cobwebs from my brain. My tomatoes are starting to flower, and once I’ve made some headway on this site template I’ll take pictures. I also made a(nother) basil cutting and stuck it in with my Early Girl tomatoes; so far I’ve managed to turn one basil plant into four, but there can never be enough basil in this house. Connor played in the sprinkler while I fiddled with my plants, and it was a generally charming morning, exhaustion notwithstanding.

I had planned for this update to be more substantive, but the new job beckons to me. It’s nice to be interested in my work again; it’s nice not to be treated like dirt from the get-go; it’s nice to have achieved a goal. I am tired, but productive. (Look, Ma, I’m a real person!) Later this week there will be a new post and maybe a header up at Schizodigestive, too. Stay tuned.


5 Responses to It is what it is.

  1. Anne says:

    Awesome news about the new job! Things do seem to have a way of working out when we put the word out to the universe, I’ve been doing a site for a friend, and he’s paying me in wine ;) Which of course I can’t drink much of until after November….

  2. Alicia says:

    Congrats, babe! I’m glad everything worked out after all (although not getting to learn to decorate cakes does make me sad — I was going to learn from you)!

    Hopefully we’ll work through all the details and kinks with Schizodigestive at some point this week. We’re sort of crazy busy with renewals but I’m always checking e-mail.

  3. momentarilynotscruffy says:

    what I did was quote you:

    “I’ll be working from home, finally using my degree, and finally making a decent paycheck.”

    and then I said:

    “All we have to do now is prove you were born, and you’re set.”

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