Er, did I say there would be an update today? I think I meant tomorrow, or maybe Monday. It’s my wedding anniversary today (a fact I knew but did not fully realize, because hello? who is old enough to have been married for MULTIPLE YEARS? not me), there was lots of garden stuff to be done, and I work at ass o’clock in the morning, which necessitates a very early bedtime. Please see the previous post for redirection. Move along, now.

(An aside to the person who found my site by searching for “i graduated college and don’t do anything”: Hey! I do stuff! I do so much stuff I can’t even update my blog! Shove it, pal.)


One Response to Abashed.

  1. Anne says:

    Happy anniversary, you guys!

    Our second wedding anniversary is on Tuesday. And yet we’ve been together for 9 years now.

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