Still busy. While we all wait for a real update (my muse, she has left me; woe, agony), let’s play with some links. If you’re bored, why don’t you…

… offer Gayla a little comfort in the wake of her street garden’s destruction? And while you’re at it, that’s a great entry to get you thinking about the importance of gardens.

… check out Sars’s summer movie reviews? They’re funny, informative, and just the right size to read over iced coffee.

… go give Amy some major congratulations on her big news?

… visit the newly resurrected Living Behind the Curve, the revival of which I have awaited lo, these many moons?

… take a gander at Schizodigestive, the non-foodie’s food blog that Alicia and I are working on? (There’s nothing on the site yet, but it can’t hurt to plug early and plug often!)

… giggle at dumb celebrities showcased on What Would Tyler Durden Do?

That’s it. Real update scheduled for tomorrow.


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