Exciting turns of events!

1) I have a job. I’m going to be working in a bakery, making and decorating cakes. I am kind of thrilled about this because I’ve always wanted to learn how to decorate pastries, but I am also already catastrophizing: Only weekends? What if it’s only four hours a day, which is only eight hours a week, which is not enough hours? And what if I have to spend a lot of time in the walk-in refrigerated room and my hands shriek aloud in pain, burst into flames, and send me home in agony akin to that of rolling in shredded fiberglass? And! What if the grey industrial atmosphere causes a black fog of despair and ennui to descend upon my hamster brain after a couple of weeks, leading to self-loathing and general malaise? OH WHAT WILL I DO? On the other hand, my boss seems pretty cool and the cake-making and cake-painting will be pretty awesome; I will never have to worry about getting up at six on a weekday; I’ll be working in the same store as my husband. So, you know. It’s all right.

2) Garden! Garden, garden. This week I pinched a whole bunch of sucker shoots off of my tomatoes, removed blossoms from the plants as I do not want my little babies to be all growed up just yet (translation: I want the plants to get bigger before they start spewing resources into fruit), watered them lovingly with water in which I had boiled eggs, and sprayed them down with a 50/50 mix of milk and water to prevent fungus. This whole organic gardening thing is kind of neat. My compost bin is chugging right along after the Mysterious Incident of the Chicken in the Mix (I blame Michael), which caused a very bad smell for about two weeks. I am probably planting a cherry or grape tomato tomorrow because there are just never enough tomatoes for me. I have harvested a ton of basil and I added sourdough and mozzarella to our shopping list this afternoon so that I can make my favorite sandwich. Also, we are finally starting to have grass.

3) Connor is going out of town this weekend to visit family in Texas, and I am not going. We are going to be having a sit-down talk with Michael’s parents on Monday about asking our permission before making big plans for our kid, but we couldn’t say no to this because Michael’s grandmother is very ill and very much in love with Connor and desperate to see him. I am not looking forward to this weekend or the ensuing talk, but this is not the catastrophe it would have been a year ago. Hooray for improved in-law relations! I will be starting work this weekend, so hopefully that will distract me from the fact that MY BEBE. HE IS NOT HERE. It’s too bad I still don’t have an ID, because I would totally hit up the new sports bar in the evenings and watch some baseball.

4) I might also work at Wal-Mart and/or in a deli — I’ve got an offer from the deli (which is, from all accounts, a terrible place to work) and am waiting for a callback from Wal-Mart. Things might actually be busy around here in a week or two. What’s that sensation? R-o-l-a-i-d-s Relief.


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