An update.

I just realized how harsh this post came off, and I kind of want to clarify a few things.

1) The friend in question? She is a bit princessy, but it’s not a bad thing — she has killer style and she applies it to her kids too. She is not useless or anything; she just likes big, fabulous, stylish stuff. I go to her for advice on, say, what to wear for interviews or what color of eyeshadow to try out when I’m clueless.

2) The problem there was a specific comment, not my friend herself. If I didn’t like her, she wouldn’t be my friend. If there was actually a problem at her home, I’d… well, I’d have called Child Protective Services. There’s not a problem. I was bugged by a comment and got kind of harsh.

3) I was extremely hasty. In future, I should proofread and calm down a little before posting, because a lot of my descriptors and explanations didn’t say what I wanted them to say. This woman is lovely, and if I had permission I’d post a picture and some stories to prove it.

4) Again, I am way too hasty.

5) Now that she’s not looking, I also have to say that she and I have been friends for almost twelve years. She has saved my ass and my life on multiple occasions. She is pretty much the only person other than Kip who has remained my friend through years and years of me being a bitch. If I didn’t love her to death, she and I wouldn’t be sitting around my house today. I feel like a complete ass, and I might have to rethink the way I do these blog posts — I never thought something I tossed off so quickly could be so hurtful, and I honestly did not even remember that post being so harsh. What the hell is wrong with me?

6) Furthermore, the entire comment — the original thing that set me off — was a magnet quote. It was a saying from a cute “June Cleaver” magnet that I had overlooked because my eyesight sucks and I don’t read things carefully. My friend was just quoting that magnet back at me and I totally blew it out of context. Don ‘t you want to be my friend now? Ugh!

(This whole thing came about because she and I were talking about parenting — because she is the friend I do that with, because she knows what she’s talking about, having raised three gorgeous and smart girls — and I got the bright idea to show her that entry to illustrate different parenting styles. I honestly hadn’t realized how harsh and frustrated I sounded in that entry, and now I feel like an asshole. Jeez, guys, why didn’t you stop me?)


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