We had a huge, freak thunderstorm at three this morning, complete with driving rain and pebbly hail. Afterward I lay awake in a panic, thinking about how I should have brought the plants in and they were probably dead and now I was out 70 bucks and Michael was going to be mad and I’d never have a garden again and would I cry, do you think, when I saw the plants’ pathetic little bodies laid out across the battered potting soil? Basically, I was expecting to see this when I went outside this morning:

Visual hyperbole: It’s a good thing.

Instead, to my eternal relief, I saw this:

We! Shall! Overcome!

Apparently, my little garden is bionic. Who knew? (The grass and the wildflowers are probably toast, though. Ah, sweet lawn, we hardly knew ye.)


7 Responses to Victory!

  1. lethal says:

    Dude, hyperbole should be abolished. I was so horrified when I saw that picture and thought it was outside your house. My first thought was, “Shit! Where did all those trees come from?!!”

  2. Anne says:

    My first thought was Burma :(

    Glad your plants are resilient – and hey, hail is just slow release watering!

  3. averagelyscruffy says:

    brilliant, I hadn’t thought of that. and in NM it’s the only cold water they’ll get, too.

  4. Anne says:

    My dog was totally into the concept of ice. She would take a cube away and lovingly bury it, then get very confused when she went to dig it up. The plants loved her for it, in drought-stricken Brisbane.

  5. dedanna says:

    There are ways to protect your plants from hail, etc. while they’re outside.

    Gram used to put plastic bowls over them when they were small, and when they get big you can use screen. There’s other things as well. Check the links I left you on your previous blog post, Sara.

  6. sarawr says:

    I know how to protect them. Knowing how to protect them doesn’t do any good if a sudden storm comes up, though. I suppose being psychic would help, but alas, that is out of my control. :P

  7. dedanna says:

    Gram never knew either. But, as light as a sleeper as she was, if one came up during the night, she’d run out and cover them. Same during the day.

    Screen or something like it might be a better idea for you. You can leave it covering them all the time, and they still get the sunlight, etc. that they need. Just be sure to make it huge the first time around, and you won’t have to get more later to go with the plants’ growth.

    Expensive, but there are places that keep old scraps of it and recycle it, so it’s not so expensive.

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