Things I Have Learned Already From This Gardening Thing, Even Though It Has Only Been Three Days:

1) There is no end to soil prep if you want an in-ground garden in New Mexico. I will be watering barren soil for a week, then aerating with a garden weasel and fertilizing, watering for another week, and aerating again before I can put anything in the actual ground.

2) However, in-ground is much, much cheaper than container gardening. Total cost for seven pots and appropriate amount of decent potting soil: $70. Amount of guilt felt over spending that much on a hobby: Varies from outrageous and extreme to basically nil, depending on whether I am within sight, smell, or touch range of resultant plants.

3) I will never be done. There will always be another plant, another spot, another season. This could rapidly consume my life, and it has added a new zest to my job search: If I make more money, I can buy more seeds/seedlings/plants/soil/pots/tools! Oh, and I can help pay the water bill, because…

4) … This is New Mexico, Land of Dehydration & Despair. The plants are not (at the moment) taking up a heck of a lot of water, but the grass, oh my God, the grass. Also, the plants will get bigger, and I will have more plants, and also I seem to be planting mostly tomatoes, and the water bill is going to cause Michael’s head to spin around, Exorcist-style, and explode.

5) Yep. Still allergic to sunscreen.

6) If I think a little creatively, I can make a planting container out of almost anything. After I got over this weekend’s sticker shock (fifteen dollars! for a tiny pot!), I asked for containers on Freecycle and started thinking outside the box traditional pot. Since then, I see containers everywhere. This morning I finished a jug of bleach and without even thinking rinsed it thoroughly in hot water, removed the label, and hacked off the handle and neck. Presto! A nice little white plastic tub for herbs.

7) I am insane and obsessive. This should, perhaps, be called a “Thing I Have Learned Over and Over Again, Because Dude, I Am A Whackjob.”

8) This woman is smarter than Einstein, wiser than Plato, andcuter than Strawberry Shortcake. In short: Blog cool, plants pretty. Also, she wrote a tutorial on turning toilet paper rolls into seed-starters! Awww.


I’ve started getting up early (think crazy-early) to water the plants, pinch off any mature herbs, and spy on my tiny baby grasslets. It’s a nice way to compensate for the noise and furor that usually wakes me up; it’s like saying, “FINE, crazy neighbors, you can just BE loud shouty assholes with a stupid dog, because I was getting up to do something fun ANYWAY.” It’s rapidly becoming the best part of my day, just me and the cool air and the plants and the hose. (And the neighbors’ mean, barky dog, whom I may or may not have introduced to the hose.)

So! All of this is just to say that I might have a one-track blog for a while. I’m taking my Economic Stimulus money this week and buying more plants, tools, fertilizer, etc. I have no idea where this will end.


4 Responses to Things I Have Learned Already From This Gardening Thing, Even Though It Has Only Been Three Days:

  1. Alicia says:

    Oh, thanks for that blog link. I think I’m going to have to start reading her seriously.

    Also, I can not wait to get paid this week because I really want to at least plant some basil.

    (I will admit, however, that your new thing may be gardening but mine seems to be baking. I really need to find people who like baked goods because I’m sure not going to eat this many cupcakes!)

  2. Anne says:

    Have you tried mineral sunscreen? Or lavender oil is a natural sunscreen, you could add it to your moisturiser. Not as effective as the actual sunscreen lotions though.

    You have a weasel? ;)

  3. sarawr says:

    A garden weasel is a rotary series of spikes attached to a handle — it loosens and breaks up soil easily in large swatches. I wish I had a real weasel. :P

  4. dedanna says:

    For plant pot ideas, search through Instructables and also at WikiHow.

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