Whew. Okay, so it’s been a long, busy week. Connor turned three yesterday, and with that and boring-but-necessary administrative junk (like, say, earning money), I am long overdue for an update. However! It is going to be just a little while longer, as the boring administrative stuff is not quite wrapped up yet. In the meantime, why don’t y’all check out the blogroll or leave a comment and tell me what you’ve been doing? I need something to entertain me through this last stretch of workworkwork.


6 Responses to Break.

  1. slightlyscruffy says:

    Bear and I are, or will shortly be, straightening up the house, b/c around dinnertime Hil, Hil’s mother, and my stepmother will all be arriving here. After that there’s nothing on my docket till an appointment with my advisor on Wednesday.

  2. lethal says:

    I have been curling up with my cat (see photo in gallery @ site), working 15 hour days, and feeling fucked out of my mind (otherwise known as spacy). I am so far beyond being able to think it’s not funny. I break at least three things a day! Plates, glasses, jars, bowls: beware!

    You remember that time I overdosed and you (or someone in the household) called the paramedics and I flatlined and they decided not to 5150 me because I made the convincing argument that it wouldn’t change a thing? Well, last night we had a memorial service for a friend who committed suicide a year ago & I thought I might grieve her or other people I’ve lost, but what I actually felt was just really, really, really, really happy that I am alive. So, like, thanks. Or whatever one says a half decade after deciding to live.

  3. dedanna says:

    God. I’d say I know the feeling, but those days for me are literally a world away now.

    Ask Sara how many times I’ve been 5050’ed.

  4. dedanna says:


    PICS PICS PICS please? Pwetty pweeeeeeez?

  5. Marina says:

    Congratulations to Connor! I’ve been dealing with Theo’s first stomach bug; introducing my mum to sushi (mum, maki, maki, mum); looking at really cool and pretty diaper bags; and watching the harvest moon.

    I second the pics request! ;)

  6. Anne says:

    I have been…at work, helping my friend through the aftermatch of being beaten up by her husband, not a great deal else actually. Except that we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show in a private cinema in a posh hotel on Friday night, for my friend at work’s leaving do.
    Popcorn and everything, followed by a 4 course meal with the most lovely and attentive waiters ever. She was amazing to organise it for the price we paid.

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