Blah, blah, blah, Friday.

I am far too lazy and boring to write a real update, but I did get a few of those Easter pictures uploaded. Here, surprise!

Random but very cool clock in front of the bike store a block from my apartment.

Obligatory super-close photo of flora.

People actually live here. This house is smack in the middle of an otherwise perfectly normal neighborhood; it is in no way indicative of “the poor side of town.”

As a bonus, here is a picture of me looking particularly tired-eyed and narrow-faced in my Superman hat. Sometimes you just need a big red S, you know? Maybe someday the Supergirl shirt will make its debut on these pages; in the meantime, please enjoy my breathtakingly clear skin and red-rimmed, slightly wonky eyes.

Happy Friday, guys. Go forth and do Super stuff.

Edit, a PSA: If you are at all squeamish or find that you have to ease into looking at gross things, do not do a Google image search for “adipocere,” especially not after having been warned off the whole subject. On the other hand, if you are kind of morbid, curious about everything, and possessed of a cast-iron stomach, go right ahead. Finally, a reminder to myself: quit getting obsessed with disturbing/cool crap like this, and if you must become so obsessed, shut up about it. Blecch.


12 Responses to Blah, blah, blah, Friday.

  1. mildlyscruffy says:

    um, darling? Where’s your hair?

  2. sarawr says:

    Under… the hat? I thought that would be fairly obvious.

  3. mildlyscruffy says:

    um, okay, but it seems like if it was piled under the hat it would be a lot thicker.

  4. sarawr says:

    It’s in a ponytail, Kip. You know that little horizontal D-shaped hole in the back of baseball caps? The thing you use to adjust the hat’s size? The ponytail is poked through there.

  5. sarawr says:

    This fakking thing will not let me put an image in my comment, but there’s a picture here. Breathe deeply, and tell yourself we’ll make it through this. :P

  6. mildlyscruffy says:

    ETA: otoh, if you take the coward’s way out and look up adipocere in Wikipedia, you end up at a quote from Sir Thomas Browne which includes the word lixivious, which was a new one on me.

  7. lethal says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the books. The DVDs are on their way as of, like, last week—I couldn’t find the packing tape. I am in the zone or something because we have a 10-page list of shit to do to make this house ready to sell and I have crossed off, like, 2/5ths of the stuff myself and no one else has really made anything resembling a dent. I have been cleaning & packing other people’s areas because they are so lazy/slow. I painted 2 hallways and 1 room, went through/cleaned/sorted/packed all books in 2 rooms, went through all CDs in house, went through all art supplies in house, cleaned laundry room top to bottom incl. super messy areas that hadn’t been cleaned in years and were all disorganized, took apart a bunch of book cases, repaired a 2-ft-long 1/4-inch-wide crack between moulding and wall, took 2 doors off hinges and put them back on, repaired a broken door knob, and so on and so forth (you don’t actually want the entire list, right?). I just want to say this to someone because I am really really tired and, instead of sleeping, am trying to finish an extensive annotated bibliography on the works of H.D. aka Hilda Doolittle, an imagist poet. I can’t actually think, though. The house has been totally wrecked for approximately 2 weeks and I haven’t had any quiet time or time in general to do my work, so I’m all behind. However, I just ate a bagel and a handful of blueberries, and I filled the hot tub the other night, so the water is actually hot by now, and it’s only 2 a.m.!!


    When I saw that picture, I thought, “Damn, she looks so…NORMAL.” That’s some pretty beautiful flora.

  8. sarawr says:

    That picture sort of — well, completely — makes me look like some college freshman who works at Burger King part-time, but I couldn’t really get a better one. In reality I was just too lazy to brush my hair/wear clothes that match yesterday, so hat + hoodie was kind of a default. Woe.

    I think perhaps the time has come to gently inform your housemates that you are very tired and need a little care and rest. I mean, super-productivity does fall under the “go forth and do Super things” edict, but even Superman took a year off to float around in the ozone and chill. Maybe take a couple of days to scout the flora around your own house and then enjoy the hot tub? I don’t really know the dynamics of your living situation, but nobody can be dialed up to eleven forever. I hope things get substantially more relaxed soon.

  9. lethal says:

    Naw, I can stop when I want, but I kind of want to get as much done in the flurry as possible so that if I start living out of the zone I will have already contributed significantly.

  10. dedanna says:

    Boy, do I ever know the feeling lethal projects. Today for the first time in I don’t know how many months, I’m finally taking a day just to myself.

    My house is still a wreck, but I’ll get it there.

    Thanks for the pics, btw. Flora won’t be out here for probably at least another 2 weeks.

  11. dedanna says:

    Oh, and a site to check out. divshare

    You might find it useful for something. Who knows.

  12. Mer says:

    Wax mummies. Cool. You totally need to make it to Philadelphia to check out the Mutter Museum. (But make sure you have other good reasons to come. Honestly, the Mutter isn’t enough of a reason to hit this end of the world by itself.)

    also, you’re cute!

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