Bucket list, round four. (Fin.) *UPDATED 03/16/09*

Round one.
Round two.
Round three.

100 Things Before I Kick the Bucket, 76-100:

76) Kick some Tae-Bo ass. Sort of, anyway. I got pretty good at the beginner/intermediary stuff, and still do it semi-regularly.
77) Buy and (regularly) use a French press.
78) Start biking again.
79) Find a job I like and will stick with. ChaCha! The new pay system royally blows, but I still like and am sticking with the job.
80) Undertake and complete an ambitious craft project.
81) Spend some serious time in the water, via a summer-long swimfest or months-long water aerobics class or… something.
82) Calculate pi to, say, 1000 digits. (I know it’s been done. I just want to do it myself.)
83) Play around in a Foley studio.
84) Get my hands on a copy of Dance Dance Revolution and play it until my heart explodes or I master every round, whichever comes first.
85) … While continuing to shun Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Yep, still shunning.
86) Participate in the creation of performance art that makes sense and is aesthetically appealing.
87) Submit a compilation of the lists I scatter around to poetry journals; see how long it takes to receive an acceptance letter.
88) Learn every word in the dictionary. (Hey, dream big, right?)
89) Make pumpkin ravioli and autumn pork roast and sit down for a big Halloween/Samhain feast. The pumpkin ravioli became squash ravioli, but otherwise: Win.
90) Grow my own perslane and lemon grass for year-round nibbling.
91) Spend two or three days at a big amusement park with Connor and Michael. We will be doing this next year, for Connor’s 5th birthday.
92) Finish this damn list. Obviously.
93) Dye my hair a funky color. (Again.) I dyed it blue a few weeks ago. Results were kind of lame, but I did it.
94) Use my new vacuum thoroughly, enthusiastically, and often. Many times per week! Sometimes even daily!
95) Spend Connor’s first day of school getting a manicure, a pedicure, a haircut, and slightly drunk.
96) Continue to expand my shoe collection; embrace the abrupt change from “that girl who always wears the same pair of flip-flops” to “that girl who often wears heels and owns cute ballet flats.” You betcha. I even paid more than $40 for a gorgeous pair of brown-and-gold Mary Jane heels!
97) Burn candles more often. Thank you, ridiculously expensive Febreze candles.
99) Rebuild my wizard figurine collection.
100) Get braces; have gap- and crossbite-free teeth; smile widely and regularly.

I can’t believe none of you are participating. See if I ever offer to share my thousands hundreds dozens tens of readers with you again. (But if you participate late, I could probably scrape up some love.)


6 Responses to Bucket list, round four. (Fin.) *UPDATED 03/16/09*

  1. dedanna says:

    I could probably come up with a few anyway. :p

    1) Get a real job.
    2) Put up a fully open-source radio station on both the internet waves, and the air waves (absolutely no Microsoft allowed).
    3) Teach college-level Linux.
    4) Contribute to the open-source world.
    5) Go back to school for my bachelor’s and master’s degree (before I teach college-level Linux).
    6) Retire with enough to see myself through until I die.
    7) Get the two louses of kids that don’t want to pay for it off of my cell phone account.
    8) Find a cell phone that does everything I want it to do, none of it being multimedia or desktop-related.
    9) Have a real web domain again, and re-learn HTML (I’ve forgotten the majority of what I learned).
    10) Have an imagination again (b/w #9).
    11) Own every single movie I’ve ever loved.
    12) Have the time and patience to read a book I think I’d like.
    13) Own every single cd I’ve ever loved.
    14) Have the time to listen to every cd I’ve ever loved.
    15) Have over a million dollars cold hard cash in the bank.
    16) Be able to run a solid 3 miles (vs. just being able to walk it).
    17) Become a clinical candidate for a lamenectomy.
    18) Find a cure for osteoarthritis
    19) Have the most bad-ass glasses anyone could think of.
    20) Always burn candles like I used to.
    21) Make my own candles.
    22) Grow a “garden” (forget what they’re called) that I can put on my balcony.
    23) See to it that no one on this earth has to pay rent, unless they’re income-qualified to, and they still have a place to live.
    24) Insure free housing (totally free) for the poor.
    25) Get my weight down to 130 lbs.

  2. dedanna says:

    Oh yeah.

    26) Obtain a rich husband that I love, and who loves me, and who will allow me to do what I want with my life.

  3. dedanna says:

    (But if you participate late, I could probably scrape up some love.)

    Ok, so where’s mine? lol.

  4. sarawr says:

    You posted your list here — I don’t have anything to link to. :P

  5. Maggie Mason says:

    I’d love to know every word in the dictionary too. That’s some serious bedtime reading.

  6. Jessica says:

    I came over here from Mighty Girl; you have a great list! We have similar running goals. Good luck!

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