Whelmed. (As in, “over-.”

I have been avoiding the text box lately, not because I have nothing to write about, but because I suddenly have too much to write about. Birthday ’08 created a mass of books to read, DVDs to watch, and things to do. My friend Heather and her husband visited for a day. Another friend, Josh, was on leave from holding down the fort in Iraq. (You know, The Fort.) Connor had his evaluation and a lot of general cuteness. The weather’s been nice and we are, finally, not broke. It’s a lot to process and I can’t seem to get it all in narrative form.

Consider this my long-winded promise to get a bunch of updates written, eventually. None of this really makes a story, nothing has a beginning-middle-end, but eventually I’ll spit up enough bits and pieces to form some sort of grand conclusion. Right now, after two weeks spent with military families, I am just very glad that my husband is here. I am here. My son is here. Here we are, and I am kind of overwhelmed with how much it would suck if one of us was somewhere else. I wish I could get back from a busy week and make you laugh, but I am feeling kind of maudlin and non-linear tonight, so all you get is my mushy sense of gratitude toward the universe.

(Hmmm, could this be why my stats have dropped abruptly? By George, I think we’ve found the answer!)


2 Responses to Whelmed. (As in, “over-.”

  1. ultrascruffy says:

    I am kind of overwhelmed with how much it would suck if one of us was somewhere else.

    oh, don’t worry, you’ve got nine or ten years before Connor goes off to college. :P

  2. dedanna says:

    Um, I should hope he wouldn’t go that young!

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