Questions/Rambles: Fin.

The very last question in that whole “go on, ask me anything” meme was from Rory, who wanted to know about RECIPES!! or MASTURBATION!! It’s going to be brief, because today is my birthday, but here are the recipes to which I would masturbate if they involved some tasteful leather or perhaps John Rzeznik:

Soda Bread! This isn’t exactly how I make it, but it’s pretty damn close.

Bruschetta! Except that recipe is quite fancy, whereas the way I do it is not: Chop tomatoes. Sprinkle with basil. Apply to toasted French bread in great, gaping spoonsful. Shove into ravening maw. Still, you could always give the mincing and the onion and the cheese (!!) a try.

Autumn Pork Roast! This is fucking delicious. I transfer the softened squash and onion into a casserole dish before placing the roast on top, but otherwise I just follow this recipe and it never fails.

Bouillabaisse! Oh, sweet heaven, I love bouillabaisse. I’ve never actually made it because there is a shocking dearth of fresh fish in New Mexico, but someday… someday I’ll achieve that dream. In the meantime, I will eat any bouillabaisse that happens to cross my path. (As an aside: the proper thing to drink with bouillabaisse is beer. Not wine. Don’t listen to the wine people. Nobody knows why this is, but believe me when I tell you it is the truth. Beer.)

Sweet Potato Minestrone! This is a nice variation on the vegetable soup that Adri taught me to make. The original soup was potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, and stewed tomatoes in Swanson’s vegetable broth, but we were constantly expanding the recipe by adding other stuff. (My favorite addition: kidney beans.) This sweet potato minestrone is the same idea, only sort of Italian, and it tastes like huors spent in the kitchen.

Mushroom and Potato Chowder! It’s no substitute for the potato-corn chowder my mom used to make, but it’s really, really yummy. Really. Yummy. I think the addition of barley would make it even better, and I tend to scale back the cheese, but it’s delicious by the recipe as well.

Just for kicks, here is my favorite marinade ever. I use it on everything that is even vaguely meat-like, and it always produces spectacular results. You can even brush it on triangle-sliced tortillas and toss them in the oven to make delicious homemade chips.

Finally, here is the part where I beg my mom to post her burrito recipe (minus soap, ahem) in the comments section, because her burritos are SERIOUSLY SPECTACULAR. I hate burritos, truly, but my mom’s are out of this world. So, hey Mom! Get postin’.

(What about y’all? I think you should post some recipes too.)

(Also, that was not so brief. Am big, huge, lying-type person. Can say nothing but, hey, food makes me talk a lot.)


6 Responses to Questions/Rambles: Fin.

  1. reddollshoes says:

    <a href=””this is one of my absolute favourite recipes at the moment. i mean, it has shallots, red lentils, fennel.. where could it go wrong? it is so simple to make and is excellent with artichoke hearts and caramelized onions, maybe a tiny bit of avocado on good bread.

  2. reddollshoes says:

    obv. i have yet to learn to link on wordpress. copy and paste away!

  3. lethal says:

    Awesome. Thanks m’dear. There are forty billion of my favorite recipes on my site under category “recipes.” Very inventive! I have to tell you: cilantro is my favorite herb on the planet. I don’t go out to the garden to munch much, but I do have a propensity to eat cilantro straight off the plant, stems and all. Wednesday, someone had the audacity to “cut back” or “trim” the cilantro DOWN TO THE GROUND and, fortunately for me, my friend (L) who is a chef made a cilantro pumpkin soup that was TO DIE FOR. There were what I believed to be mustard seeds added liberally and the bitter flavors were so deliciously matched. Mmmm.

  4. dedanna says:

    Mom will be postin’ when she gets off work hopefully in the morning. If not, then she will post tomorrow. :) Hang in there, ok?


  5. dedanna says:

    Sorry, meant Mom will post tomorrow nite if not tomorrow. lol.

  6. dedanna says:

    Looks like mom’s gonna wait a bit — she’s come down sick. :(

    Thanks be to the gods that it’s on days off.

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