Zombie Jesus Day.

Connor is sick, a combination of mild sunburn from yesterday’s cookout with friends and a “hey guess what the season changed” cold. (Yes, sunburn. Fear me, for I am the most unprepared mother in New Mexico; perhaps even in the entire Southwest!) I am groggy and sort of sniffly myself, but we managed a nice Easter morning anyway — Connor slept until almost 10:30, leaving us plenty of time to buy and assemble his Easter basket and egg-dye kit. (Like I told you: unprepared.) He’s opened the basket, eaten a little candy, and now he’s taking a nice bath with Michael. (Michael is bathing him, not bathing with him.) We’re going to take him to see Michael’s parents in a little while, an event during which he will undoubtedly consume more candy, and then bring him home for a lunch of cold pudding and sherbet because his throat is too sore for much else.

It’s a good thing we bought him a new toothbrush yesterday. I may be unprepared for routine eventualities (sunburn, Easter), but damn if I’m not a whiz with long-term probabilities (cavities, dentures).

There will be pictures in this entry at some point today. Michael got me a Superman hat (!!!!) for Easter, so along with the traditional cute-kid-surrounded-by-candy photos there will be several of me posing like the aging ironic pop-culture-is-the-new-counter-culture kid that I am.

(This entry sponsored by parentheses and en-dashes. Punctuation wants you to have a nice holiday.)


2 Responses to Zombie Jesus Day.

  1. lethal says:

    I am so glad that easter went largely unremarked upon. There has been too much celebrating around here and one more mess would have sent me over The Edge. We had an 18-person sit-down candle-lit dinner last night & two folks cooked all the food and then served us in courses! WTF!!! It was lovely, and then I supervised the cleaning of the kitchen, which meant rubbing the backs of the dishwasher and rinser so they wouldn’t stop. Today, there’s only one disgusting pan remaining and I made fudge today because all the fudge brownies got eaten. Today is the first day of that awful hormonal time that I dread and fortunately it’s Spring Break, so I’m chilling out with my feet up and a glass of ice water at hand. XO

  2. dedanna says:

    OMG I totally forgot about easter… meant to send you guys something. I’m sorry! I’m the most horrible grandmother ever. :(

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