Bucket list, round two.

Round one is here.

100 Things Before I Kick the Bucket, 26-50:

26) Answer an odd question a day for a year. (Provenance and/or etymology of vernacular axioms, for example, or where the idea of ectoplasmic production came from.)
27) Quit smoking.
28) Participate in NaNoWriMo and/or NaBloPoMo; hopefully derive some sort of writing discipline.
29) See, up close and in reality, at least ten of the world’s mysteries — the Shroud of Turin, the Pyramids at Giza, etc.
30) Recreate my highschool science fair project (holograms produced by etching glass panes).
31) Compete in a national spelling bee.
32) Go down in a shark box; interact with some sharks.
33) Build up a collection of my favorite childhood movies and books (the Broadway version of Peter Pan starring Mary Martin, J.M. Barrie’s original Peter Pan, The Phantom Tollbooth, those books that were about “Little Miss Bossypants” or “Little Mister Know-it-All,” The Secret Garden, ad infinitum). Share with self, Connor, world (in that order).
34) Recklessly blow an entire paycheck on lottery tickets, stupidity tax be damned.
35) Learn to speak Gaelic, à la the Cumann na mBan & Maude Gonne’s Daughters of Erin; immerse in the language and compare it (possibly by way of an enormous research paper) to the Gael’s French spoken in Brittany.
36) … And spend a year or two living in a cottage in Ireland.
37) Perfect one delicious scone recipe; incorporate it into a lazy Sunday tradition. (But making scones is anthetical to the concept of laziness, you say. Said the maiden as she kissed the cow, I reply.)
38) Spend a significant amount of time (a day or two at least) petting/caring for/riding/sleeping with (the snoring kind, people) a tiger.
39) Obtain an ecosphere, some triops, and Sea Monkeys. Obsess over the weirdness on my desk.
40) Write an advice/trivia column.
41) Build a treehouse mansion “for Connor.” (Ahem — by which I mean “for me,” but Connor can play there too.)
42) Design and build my dream bookcase; fill it slowly with perfect books.
43) Obtain education that is useful in the real world — a Master’s degree, certification in something interesting, etc. Or…
44) … Actually get hired as a journalist, justifying $20,000 spent on this fancy-ass book learnin’.
45) Go out dancing in a mod-print minidress and go-go boots.
46) Pull a crazy-ass long-term experiment, in the manner of Morgan Spurlock or A.J. Jacobs.
47) Get a Brazilian to see what the hubbub (bub) is all about.
48) Define, to my satisfaction, What It’s All About. (Life, not bikini waxing.)
49) Take boxing classes.
50) Recreate old Odyssey of the Mind projects. (Weight-bearing structures of balsa wood, tin-can propulsion vehicles, stuff like that.)

If you’re participating, let me know — there’s a link in it for you.


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