The bucket list.

Maggie of Mighty Girl posted a to-do list of 100 things to achieve before she dies. I don’t know if imitation is sincere or flattering, but I do know that this is a pretty cool idea, so for the next four weeks I’ll be posting my own list in 25-item installments every Saturday. (We need more weekend blogging. Yes, yes we do.) Here’s the first bit.

100 Things Before I Kick the Bucket, 1-25:

1) Go on a shopping spree at Sephora.
2) Make money as a writer.
3) See the Hagia Sophia and the Taj Mahal.
4) Teach Connor to read.
5) Buy & remodel a home.
6) Grow a really luscious garden.
7) Cook a truly gourmet meal.
8) Spelunk.
9) Participate in an open-mic night.
10) Own a hybrid vehicle.
11) Paint a crazy mural.
12) Finish my damn book; see if publisher is still interested.
13) Grow my hair to my waist.
14) Meet & obtain autographs from famous people I love.
15) Spend some time in New York City.
16) Get my webdesign skills back up to par.
17) Explore a coral reef.
18) Patent something. (Perhaps this should be, “Have patentworthy idea.”)
19) Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.
20) Teach Connor the Electric Slide; request a performance at in-laws’ Christmas get-together.
21) Picnic every meal for an entire summer.
22) Master every exercise in my Pilates book.
23) Take a Spinning class.
24) Flex my muscles intimidatingly at barflies.
25) Play Robert Muczynski’s Flute Sonata flawlessly.


Happy Saturday, kids.


5 Responses to The bucket list.

  1. Marina says:

    Never say “spelunk” to a caver ;)

    Also – you play the flute?

  2. sarawr says:

    Well, “play” is a loose term. Let’s say I played the flute and retain some vestigial ambition — I haven’t really done anything with it in the past five years, but that Flute Sonata has always been a dream of mine.

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