I think we might need to find a playgroup or something.

[Scene: Connor is playing around his bedroom and the living room; I am messing about on the Internet.]

Connor: This is SO EXCITING! Are you EXCITED? Let’s CATCH IT!


Connor: YOU CAUGHT IT! Good job!

[pitter-patter pitter-patter thud]

Connor: I know! Thank you! I DID do a good job, didn’t I!

[thud thud… SQUEAK! pitter-patter thud]

Connor: Oh, my GOODNESS! You SURE did a good catch!

Me: Um, Connor?… Who are you talking to?

Connor: I’m just talking to my new balloon. He’s my best friend!

[pitter-patter thud thud pitter-patter squeak thud]

Connor: There, now! I told you to STAY INSIDE! Oh, it’s okay, you don’t have to cry.


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