I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

I was at the hospital for a really long time today for what I thought was a simple sprained ankle. I am too tired/whacked out on painkillers/dizzied from giving a hojillion blood samples, so I have distilled the possibilities into image format for you:



oh hai

My immune system is attacking me instead of healing me; in the “separate but related” file, the x-rays showed truly ridiculous amounts of arthritic joint decay. It’s possible that my arthritis has gotten really bad and also mutated into lupus. Or, uh, something, the doctor went on and on about rheumatic this and artheroscopy (sp?) that, soldiering through an impressive lecture on redheads and their wacky genes. Now I have bloodwork to wait on, drugs to take, and doctor visits to schedule. Perhaps this is the mystery ailment that has been whacking out my metabolism, mobility, and pain levels. Details to follow when I am not all trashed on Demerol.

Edit: Fucking WordPress cut off half the damn images, so I had to link them. Am too Demerol-y to fix this in a logical manner. Oh, hai!


6 Responses to I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

  1. reddollshoes says:

    “It’s never lupus”

    Damn House addiction. But, ummm. I am totally fascinated by the pictures and want any gory details. Srsly.

  2. mildlyscruffy says:

    Arthroscopy. and I’m sorry.

  3. rjb says:

    Aren’t we just the generation of autoimmune diseases? It seems like everyone I know is dealing with chronic illnesses. I hope you get things figured out soon. I’ve had arthroscopic surgery (when they do stuff instead of just lookin around) and it wasn’t a big deal. Of course, medicaid covered it (I was a kid), so the financial bite it could have taken would probably have been quite painful. Have you read Lessons In Taxidermy? It’s about growing up working class with several extremely rare types of cancer and how she starts to open her heart as an adult. I think an essay that became one of the chapters in the book is included in Michelle Tea’s anthology, “Without a Net: The female experience of growing up working class.” I don’t remember if you’re a fan of Dorothy Allison, but I adore her and she’s in it, as well as other dear idols. If you want either of those books and can’t get your hands on them, I’d be happy to send them to you.

    Here’s a site recommendation for you: Karina. She’s from Northern New Mexico & posts amazing recipes and photos. I can’t afford to cook much of what she posts about, but I find it quite soothing to go to her site.

  4. rjb says:

    My comment is kind of disorderly– Maybe I should say that I sorta know Bee through some friends of hers & Without A Net is one of my favorite books.

    Another amazing non-fiction book (if you’re into easy-to-read feminist studies) is “Critical Condition: Women on the Edge of Violence.” It’s really short & is a collection of panel discussions, talks, and art installations from a forum on art, violence, and women.

    And, if you can’t stand the thought of reading something MEANINGFUL, I really really liked “Stiff” by Mary Roach and “Tender At The Bone” by Ruth Reichl. The former is about what happens to bodies after people are done with them and the latter is about how Reichl became passionate about food (she’s a food critic) and contains (along with “Comfort Me With Apples”) the most amazing stories about food and (sorta crazy) family.

  5. rjb says:

    Okay, apparently my second comment was no better than the last!!

    Critical Condition talks not only about women as victims, but about women as perpetrators: the kinds of violence that women commit.

  6. rjb says:

    Also! ALSO!!

    I’m pretty sure I found a way to burn these files so they’ll play on any computer, &so I have Eureka Seasons 1-2, Numb3rs (all seasons), Heroes Season 1, Bones (all seasons), Stargate Atlantis (all), Stargate SG-1 (10), Dead Zone (6), and I think that’s it. Do you have any interest in these shows? LMK if you want a DVD. I could send it to Scruffy for him to send to you if you don’t want to give out yr address.

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