Okay, so the move is on hold until April, because our rental market seems to have un-fucking-fortuitously taken an abrupt downturn. We’ve been looking since Friday, and there’s just nothing available. We’re going to stay here for another month and hope that either something turns up in the next six weeks or our landlord will graciously ignore our, “Fine, then, we’re moving!” He was quite nice about letting us stay through March, so that’s a good sign.

I have lots of new clothes, Connor has lots of new clothes, and Michael and I went out for a very nice Actual Date Without Toddler on Saturday — all of which I will write about when I’m not busy figuring out what to keep packing and what to unpack, putting away new things, and cooking delicious dinners. Things might be thin on the ground around here for a while, although now that I’ve said that I’ll probably spontaneously blurt out a thousand-word entry by tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for putting up with this bipolar site.

ETA: In lieu of an actual update, I thought it might be fun to post the tax budget I made three weeks ago and see how I’ve done. I felt like doing this publicly… um, because. Yes, because. So here it is.

Pay off loan… done.

Pay Mom & brother back… done.

Pay back rent… done.

Move… not done, and some of our moving money is going to another month here.

$200 of clothes for me… done, and a little bit over.

Pay down credit card… not done yet, but only because I am too lazy/busy to get to Western Union.

$50 of clothes for Connor… done twice over.

Good hair and skin products… done as well as I could with Wal-Mart being my sole recourse.

$300 saved for emergencies… Well, look, I’m not perfect, okay?

So there it is. I think I look okay on balance, although I should be trying harder to save some money for emergencies. We still have plenty, though, so I think I’m going to play it by ear and start making a pre-emptive budget for Michael’s paychecks. I figure with this little head-start we won’t be broke for at least three more months. Also, I will stop boring you now.


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