Rent, both past due and currently due: Paid.

Moving money: Sufficient and sequestered.

Mother, brother, and old loan: Paid.

New pants: Obtained.

Car: Due for a fixing on Monday.

Really good shampoo that I refuse to feel guilty about paying so much for: Amazing.


Yeah, we got our taxes in. I’ll say more about it later (like how nice it was to go out to my favorite diner with a friend yesterday, followed by heavenly cheesecake and Italian sodas at my favorite coffee/sandwich shop), but right now I need to clean up the house, take a nap, and shower — because tonight I get to go to what passes for a fancy restaurant around here. I’m going to wear a dress and spend too much on appetizers and leave lipstick prints on my husband’s collar. After that heavy dose of bill-paying, frivolity is going to feel wonderful.


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  1. Anne says:

    Well done, and I’m glad you’re getting some good things for yourself too.

    This weekend’s accomplishment for me was finally getting my hair trimmed. I couldn’t be bothered to go to a hairdresser, and pay, and have to stare at myself in the mirror that long and then have it blowdried in a way I hate, and pay. And did I mention pay? So I asked M if he would cut about 3 inches off all over (it’s all one length) and he did and did a great job. He is wasted as a poet ;)

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