I think it might reassure y’all to know that I have officially reached the “incredibly stupid” stage of sleep deprivation. Of course, this had to happen when I have packing to do and a house to find and an interview to give (and an interview to take, now that I think of it) and major cleaning to do and spring clothing-sorting to do and jobhunting that needs to be fruitful. Of course. Because my day would just be too easy if I booted up my computer and could remember where Alexa is in my bookmarks, instead of staring desperately at the screen thinking, “Fibonacci Obsession?” No, I don’t think she does that. “Art?” I guess, maybe, because she does write pretty. Crap, not there — um, “Reference?” (In case you were wondering, she was under “Journals.” Because DUH.)

My day would also be too easy if I’d managed to brew my coffee correctly, but I didn’t, and the less said about that the bitter. Whoops! Did I say “bitter?” I meant “better,” really. This coffee’s just fine, in fact. It’s very…. burnt. I mean, “burly.” Whatever. It’s great, I promise.

Oh, guys. If you have some spare brain cells I would appreciate them. Connor’s outfit for the day may depend on it.


One Response to Zombers!

  1. Jen says:

    Interview coming VERY soon, I promise!

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