Indulge me.

This post is going to be brief, shallow, and pointless. It will also give the impression that I don’t know how to manage money, that it’s easy to buy my happiness, and that cute clothes cure all ills. Only two of those things are true.

So! What’s better than scoring a new dress, two shirts, some very nice perfume, a body wash, lotion, two books, and a shower gel/lotion/perfume combo for under $60? NOTHING. Well, nothing except for spending the whole day out of the house, in the sunshine and the mall, with my husband and my son. The fact that these two events collided in some sort of all-day make-Sara-happy bonanza? Well, that was just a BONUS.

If I can ever figure out why my pictures are uploading strangely, I’ll post pictures of me in the new dress (me! dress! mod print! wacky!), Connor with his new basketball, and Michael with his haircut (!!!!!). Today was pretty awesome, and we all look damn spiffy, if I do say so myself. Some of us even smell spiffy (hint: me). I feel like ten million tax-free bucks.

“BUT UR POOOOOOOR! U SHUDENT SPEND ANY MUNEY!!!!!!!” Bite me. Today was totally worth it. And if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend some more time sniffing myself and twirling so my skirt flares.

ETA: Okay, so I just tried on the dress for the skirt-twirling thing. There is a disappointing lack of twirliness, made up for by the fact that LOOK AT ME I’M SO PRETTYYYYYY. Seriously, y’all. Is this what it’s like to be a real girl? If so, sign me the fuck up. All I need now are appropriate shoes, and I will never take this dress off again.


3 Responses to Indulge me.

  1. traceme says:

    you know I’d almost pay to see u in a minskirt…muha….,<3always

  2. Re says:

    Heh. I finally talked to my man today.. I giggle and say, “I have a ring.” his response, “You are such a girl.” hehe. That side of me is finally surfacing more. I hope my friends do not notice it.

  3. scruffy says:

    been there, done that, would do it again. :p

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