Progress. (Not depressing at all!)

I don’t have a whole lot to say, but I really want to get those last two entries bumped down — they’re like clinical depression in 1000 words or less. Yesterday and today I actually accomplished a few things, leaving me suitably flummoxed, speechless, and kind of sleepy. This entry might suck, but it’ll suck in a happy and productive way, which can only be an improvement. (As an aside, I just mistyped “suitably” not one, not three, but five times. Is there some sort of Quality Control for blog entries?)

(… “Spellcheck,” you say? Gotcha; I’ll look into it.)

I spent most of today filling out my tax return, which was boring. Then I filed my return, which was less boring, if only because my actual refund is going to be only $13 off what I estimated two weeks ago. Also, my state return is going to be a pleasant $200 more than anticipated, meaning that our post-moving rent fund for 2008 will be off to a healthy start. Although I’d rather saw off my own arm with one blade of some very dull pinking shears than go through this tax thing again, I feel good about it — the budget I have been obsessively reworking with various made-up-in-my-head estimates works out very comfortably, paying for the move, some back bills, and fun money with extra left over. This means that I can start scouting rental houses in earnest, as well as begin to keep a more serious eye on local sales. Hello, shopping, my old friend.

Yesterday was even nicer, although substantially less lucrative. We all went out to McDonald’s, where Connor made my heart swell with pride by preferring a grilled chicken sandwich and apple slices to his cheeseburger and fries. After Junkapalooza 2008 we swung by the store for artichokes (to appease my guilt over the aforementioned Junkapalooza) and a new book for Connor. I think getting out of the house did us a lot of good — for the rest of yesterday and all of today, Connor has been even more vigorously pleasant, and has been spotted eating all his lunch. Truly unprecedented behavior here, people. I feel like we just opened the windows to allow a fresh spring breeze into a musty old attic; I can’t wait for tax time to return our disposable income to its previous “not excessive, but at least kind of useful” level.

It would also be nice if I could manage to obtain a job before Doomsday, but the less said about that, the better. Suffice it to say that I am going to apply at the DMV next week. It’s bad, people. Very bad. I’m also going to take Anne’s advice and see if any of the offices around here outsource their typing because if there’s one thing I do well, it’s mindlessly bang away at a keyboard for hours. (As, I think, I have proven with this entry. Misfit In Any Space: Now with 98% less relevance!)

Things are inching along. I am still very anxious for spring, with its attenuating nice weather and accomplished move and lack of financial woes, but I think I can handle this last portion of winter.

ETA: If anyone would like to explain to my why my pictures are uploading/emailing completely fucked up, I would greatly appreciate it. I have all sorts of Connory goodness to share, but the pictures are uploading like this and this. They look fine on my computer, but then again I am a moron, and y’all know how it is: like user, like machine. Or something.


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