Not exactly an update.

Replying to a comment on a previous entry made me realize that maybe I should use this forum to announce/bitch about a few things — namely, my sudden, almost-total lack of connectivity.

Two days ago Gmail started fucking me over. I’m still receiving email (hi guys), but I can’t respond. I type out beautiful, life-changing replies (…), click send… and my computer bluescreens. I think this is related to general Vista bluescreen issues which should be fixed by a Windriver patch, but I’m having a hard time finding the patch or motivating myself to install it.

(In an amusing ironic twist, my computer screen just blacked out and then came back on, notifying me that “The display driver stopped working and has recovered.” Thanks, Mr. Gates! I hope you rot in hell for making an operating system that is simultaneously awesome, helpful, cool, and COMPLETELY BUGFUCK CRAZY.)

Then, yesterday, my phone shut down. “No service.” My brother and his dad, whose phone plan I share, have not paid the bill in eons. I have repeatedly offered money to cover my portion of the expenses, they have repeatedly told me it’s unnecessary for me to pay anything, and now I have no phone. I get to quit the one job I’ve managed to land in the past three months, because it’s fairly phone-intensive and I… have no phone.

Finally, I discovered this morning that my paper mail has been going to “someone else.” Who? “We’re not sure.” Well, thank you for that, U.S. Postal Service. (And also thank you Kip, for the Harvard magazines — robot flies! Autism! Debtor’s nation! It’s like paradise by my bathtub!)

In sum, I am pretty much incommunicado except via bandwidth. If you care, drop me a line here or IM me (MSN angie_wilson_AThotmailDOTcom, AIM opalfire). This is the week of suck.


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