a question.

Hey, all you moms out there —

You know that feeling you get when your kid climbs up in your lap, announces “I will give you a hug,” wraps his arms around your neck, and lays his head on your shoulder? And you know how these things get all rare when the kid hits about two years old, so you just kind of sit there, holding your not-such-a-baby-anymore and breathing his big-boy smell? And then, you know how he leans back, looks you square in the eye, and says, “I HAD A BIIIIIIG POOP, MOMMY,” so that you know it’s time to change a really gross diaper? And how even as the smell hits you, you look into your kid’s face and think that you’d give up everything you’ve ever held dear for just a few more moments like this one? No? Maybe it’s just me, then. Excuse me, I’ve gotta go change a diaper.


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