hello, 2008.

(Alternate title: Another Freaking List, Like, Get Some Real Writing Talent Already.)

1) New Year’s Eve was better than I expected. Granted, my expectations were pretty low — I thought I'd be sitting home by myself listening to my kid snore from the other room. What actually happened was that a couple of friends dropped by, hung out, and shared champagne with me at midnight. Also, I heard from another friend who moved away a while ago, found out that she has moved back here, and made plans to hang out. All in all, score. 2) I have this bizarre superstitous idea that the things I do at the start of the year will carry through until the end of the year — not that I think if I am making out at midnight then “making out” will be that year's magical meme, but more that I think if I start my year out happy and focused I will remain so. Alternately, I think that if I start my year moping and bitching, I will continue to mope and bitch for twelve months. So… at midnight, I snuck into Connor’s room to give him a kiss, tried to call Michael and say “hey what up bitch you owe me a kiss,” and had fun with friends. I think this bodes well, don’t you? When Michael finally got home from his NYE activities, he gave me a copy of one of my all-time favorite books that he’d just happened to find and be able to afford. Maybe I will have new books and a thoughtful husband all year long!

3) I put on mascara today for the first time in a couple of weeks and discovered that I have eyelashes again. They are ridiculously long and only a little bit thin, and it looks like there is some promising undergrowth. I may have my mutant death-spider lashes completely back soon! With mascara on, you can’t even tell that I was a hideous freak for a month and a half! I am amazed by this entire event — the loss of lashes, the stubborn refusal of said lashes to regrow, and then the mystical reappearance of the lashes after I’d abandoned all hope. I swear, there was no in-between phase. It was just lashes, no lashes, lashes. Thus concludes my freak-of-nature saga. (I hope.)

4) Anne, I noticed I’d never answered your question re: hormones and lashes. It’s estrogen/androgen therapy. It’s kind of boring. It made me into a freak. You have been warned. (Quick, tell the London Post! Er, if there is such a thing.) Yes, I realize this shouldn’t really be an item on a list-format “update.” Whatev.

5) I also noticed today that the new skincare regimen I’ve been playing with (courtesy of Amalah, sort of) has drastically improved me. I still have a tiny bit of redness in miniscule areas, but my skin? Is glowing. It’s clear. It’s got nice tone. It slices, it dices, and it can type 100WPM. Between this, the lashes, and the Great Dye Experiment, I actually feel kind of pretty these days. You know what, 2008? I am ready for you.


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